Gladys O’Neil was feted for her 101st birthday after church Sunday, April 11 at coffee hour at the Federated Church in Thomaston. She was to be surprised and it was planned by her younger sister, Dot Jameson, who is 95 years old. Both sisters are active members in the church. Gladys moved from Florida several years ago when her husband died and accepted an invitation to share her sister’s house here in Maine.

Two dozen red roses were placed on the altar to honor Gladys on her birthday. A huge cake was brought to the church by her niece Joann Parker, with her name and age on it. Sadly, Gladys was sick that morning so the church celebrated in her name and parishioners hope she soon regains her health. Gladys attends church services with her sister Dot regularly and rarely misses a Sunday. Some cake and the flowers went home with Dot to cheer up Gladys.