Waldoboro selectmen on April 13 approved a management plan for harvesting blueback herring. The management plan is due to the state Department of Marine Resources by April 20, and the DMR must approve the plan for it to go into effect.

The management plan would allow the harvesting of blueback herring from Aug. 1 to Dec. 31. Alewives are not included in the management plan, and they run earlier in the year.

The management plan unanimously adopted by the selectmen allows for two licenses for Waldoboro residents to catch and sell blueback herring. There would be a $25 application fee for the two licenses, and the licenses would be awarded through a lottery. The license holders would pay the town 10 percent of the gross revenues of the sale of blueback herring on a weekly basis.

Selectmen also decided to limit the gear for harvesting blueback herring to purse seines. The area of fishing that would be open is the river below the line from Woltz Point to Hollis Point. The management plan also has a large emphasis on sampling the fish for research.

The harvesting plan represents a lot of work by the town, conservationists, lobstermen and others. Town Manager William Post went through several drafts of the management plan to reach a compromise. Selectmen have worked on this issue for years. The selectmen are Chairman Clinton Collamore, Rebecca Maxwell, Theodore Wooster and Robert Butler.

The area of fishing was one area of compromise. Some fishermen wanted the line at Pine Point. Others wanted it farther down the river, where the river is more open.

“I felt by putting the line where I’ve drawn it, it is pretty much in the middle,” Post said. “It keeps some areas closed so the fish can move up the river.”

Post also stressed the requirement for sampling in the management plan.

“The more data we can obtain, the better off we will be,” Post said.

While the harvest will be open this year with DMR approval, the future of a river herring harvest will rely on data to show sustainability. Mike Brown of the DMR said the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission has issued a moratorium on river herring harvests that will go into effect in 2012, unless a river system is classified as having a sustainable management plan in place.

A few of the people at the Board of Selectmen meeting who have worked on the alewives and river herring issue were aquaculture specialist Sam Chapman and David Wilkins and Ted Mohlie of the Lloyd Davis Anadromous Fish Trust.

In other business:

• A pawnbroker license was approved for Joey Peaslee and his Waldoboro Pawn and Consignment. He said he wants to run a coin shop in town.

• A new liquor license was approved for Jane Harriman and her Annie O’Rourkes Restaurant and Pub, which will be located at the former Ocean’s Bounty on Route 1. Harriman said she wants to bring an Irish restaurant to town.

• A liquor license was renewed for Captain’s Fresh Idea.

• Selectmen approved six land use ordinance amendments from the planning board but did not set the town warrant. Selectmen are expected to set the warrant at their April 27 meeting.

• An opening ceremony for the Clyde L. Sukeforth Memorial Field is scheduled for May 1. The first pitch may be thrown at 10 a.m., with Little League games at 11 a.m., 1 p.m. and 3 p.m.