In preparation for the coming tourist season, the Samoset Resort in Rockport has nearly completed a major renovation including improvements to rooms, landscaping, the golf course and a guest cottage.

In addition, General Manager Cornelius Russell said the resort plans changes in the near future, including new cottages, condominiums and a spa.

The renovation project began in December and is expected to be completed by May 1.

Much of the work has been done on the Samoset’s fourth floor where 18 suites and six queen rooms have been improved or will be. In some cases, Russell said, the changes have been a matter of updating the style so that the decor will not look dated. In the Presidential Suite, the dining room has been turned back into a deck with a balcony overlooking a view of the harbor and the breakwater light. In addition, hot tubs are being installed on the decks overlooking the scenic views around the resort.

The carpets in all of the hallways are being replaced with updated, more stylish versions. In addition, the Samoset kitchen has a new floor, new lights, drains and a new gas line.

“It was a lot of work in a little time,” Russell said.

Along the golf course and around the buildings and shoreline, brush has been cleared and undergrowth has been removed to allow unblocked views. The trees in between the fairways and along the shoreline have been thinned out. Russell said golfers, especially those who hit into the trees, will appreciate the improvements.

Work is also under way on the Golf Club parking lot and the entrance road to the timeshares. Jake Barbour Inc. is doing that work. Russell said the resort has also added 72 new golf carts.

Russell said the resort may replace the old chapel that was used for weddings with one or two new cottages, similar to the Flume Cottage. He said that work may begin in the fall.

In addition, the Flume Cottage is undergoing extensive interior renovations. The cottage, which sits on an outcropping of rocks along the shoreline by the 15th fairway, is rented by the night in the summer. Again, the interior is being updated and improved. In the kitchen, workers from Murray Builders Inc. were putting in new cherry wood cabinets this week.

Russell said the resort plans to build 36 condominiums along the shore near the Flume Cottage. He said the work will be completed in a number of phases and is expected to begin in November.

“It shows how strong our company is that we’re reinvesting,” Russell said.

For the next year, the Samoset will continue to operate on a more seasonal basis. In November, Russell said, there is a strong possibility the resort will begin work on adding a spa. He said the plan is to convert half of the Breakwater Café into a spa with treatment rooms.

The Samoset Resort is owned by Ocean Properties of Portsmouth, N.H.

The resort will re-open for the season April 28, after hosting groups during the months of March and April, beginning with the Maine Fishermen’s Forum.