Connie Sawyer, assistant branch manager of the Rockland Camden National Bank, has chosen to recognize Trekkers with a donation made in her name from Camden National Corp. in recognition of her extraordinary customer service efforts.

Trekkers is a nonprofit, outdoor-based mentoring program that connects caring adults with young people through expeditionary learning, community service and adventure-based education. Sawyer chose Trekkers as the recipient of this Camden National donation because she believes in its mission to provide outdoor-based mentoring programs for youth.

“Trekkers makes a difference in kids’ lives,” said Sawyer. “They’re teaching kids about responsibility and respect, and instill an appreciation for making meaningful connections with others.”

With community adult volunteers working throughout the year, Trekkers provides myriad educational, experiential and cross-cultural opportunities for young people, with an emphasis on relationship building and an appreciation of the earth as “educator.”

“Trekkers is grateful to Camden National Bank for honoring Connie Sawyer for her work ethic, compassionate spirit, and for her willingness to go the extra mile for her fellow citizens,” said Trekkers Executive Director Don Carpenter. “All of these values are traits Trekkers seeks to introduce young people to through expeditionary learning, community service and outdoor-based education. This donation will help make it possible for us to continue this important work in our community.”

Sawyer was selected from a pool of nominations submitted by her peers to be recognized for her outstanding customer service, stemming from her help of an out-of-towner. A woman came into the Rockland branch on the advice of the police, frantic for having lost her wallet during her time in town on a job interview. Although not a customer, Sawyer helped to calm the woman down, and assisted her in making calls to family and setting up a Western Union transaction.

Soon afterward, Sawyer received a note from the woman, thanking her for her kindness and assistance. It said, “… with the prospect of moving to Rockland, I learned that this town will not hesitate to help a perfect stranger and believe it would welcome a newcomer with open arms.”