With only three wins during the 2009-10 season,Tiger fans may not assume Tiger coach Larry Reed was especially pleased with his 3-15 boys jayvee basketball season.

They would be wrong.

“You think that having three wins might not be a fun season, but I really enjoyed this group of kids,” six-year coach Reed said. He added that the Tigers may not have had the most talent of all the squads in the conference, “but what they lacked in talent they made up for in hard work.”

In addition, the Tigers defeated always talented Camden Hills, something Reed is proud of.

The Tigers, including varsity swing players, were senior Andrew Mackenzie; juniors Ben Staples, Ryan Ecker, Joe Nelsen and Jon Geary; sophomores Casey Hall, Nate Boggs, David Harrison, Seth Batty, Marshal Cole, Billy Joyce and Cameron Clement; and freshmen Sam Meklin, Shea Davenport and Daniel Hendricks.

Reed said his team’s best game was their final contest of the season when the Tigers beat the ‘Jammers 64-61. “We played about as good as we could have possible played at that game, quite honestly,” he said. Rockland lost their first game to Camden Hills by 15.

In that game, Nelsen and Ecker led scoring with 20 and 17 points respectively.

Rockland’s other wins came again Belfast, which the Tigers beat first by one point and then by 13 points the second time.

Over the season, Nelsen, Ecker, Harrison and Boggs led the team in scoring and Nelsen Meklin, Harrison and Batty paced the squad in rebounding, according to Reed.

Also, Davenport and Staples had the most blocked shots, while Hendricks, Hall and Ecker led the team in steals.

“The thing I liked about this group is they worked hard every game throughout the entire game,” Reed said. “They never ever gave up and I really, really liked that and appreciated that about them and I think as the season went on we became a much better team by the end of the year and that’s why we were able to beat a team as good as Camden Hills.”

The coach also said that he was proud of the way the Tigers interacted. “I think the best thing I can say about this group is that they generally liked each other,” he said. “They enjoyed playing [basketball] with each other.”

Reed said, though, the season was no piece of cake. “I knew we were going to have a very challenging year from the beginning,” he said. He added that after his point guard, Clement, was injured he had to convert his starting forward, Harrison, for that important job. However, “He did a great job with that having never played point guard before,” Reed said.

The coach said that as the season went on the young student-athlees picked up their performances. They were able to master offensive and defensive plays, including fullcourt traps and presses so that, by the end of the year, “We became comfortable pressing a strong team like a Camden Hills or a Medomak [Valley] or a team like that,” Reed said.

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