On April 1 at 9:30 a.m., with the help of technology, fourth-grade students at Lura Libby School played a live game of bingo with a class of students in France.

The game was broadcast  in the French and American classrooms by means of the combined technologies of Skype and the promethean board. Students could both see and speak with the class they were playing with.

The bingo boards had numbers from zero to 20 on them. Numbers were called out in English for the French children and in French for Lura Libby children. The winner in each country was allowed to have a one-on-one conversation with their peers abroad.

The international bingo game was coordinated on this side of the Atlantic by Cécile D’agaro, a Fulbright exchange assistant, who is helping to teach French to students in Regional School Unit 13 this year. Elisabeth Fournier coordinated the exchange in France. A side benefit of the Bingo game was the opportunity for Lura Libby students to listen to D’agaro and Fournier speak in French.

“I thought Skyping was so cool because we were talking to children over the ocean,” said Jasmine Delphine.