Rockland city councilors said they want more information before taking ownership of the soon to be closed MacDougal School.

But councilors indicated they would likely accept the property to be used for housing.

The council met April 5 with Regional School Unit 13 board member Gregory Hamlin, who chairs the district’s facilities and transportation committee, and district Business Manager Peter Roche.

The RSU 13 board voted Nov. 5 to close the school at the end of the school year. Rockland residents approved the closure at the polls 263-117.

State law requires that a school building be returned to the municipality the school is located in if it is no longer used for educational purposes.

The school was built in 1954. The parcel totals 5.2 acres with the 24,150-square-foot building.

Hamlin said a group of organizations including Broadreach and Penquis have expressed interest in using the property for a preschool. The district, however, wants to turn the property over to the city.

The RSU 13 decision to close the school was based on the need to spend $2 million to bring the structure up to codes.

Councilor Eric Hebert said his preference was for the city to take ownership of the building and then sell it for use as residential property. The property could be used for single-family housing or low-income housing, Hebert said. Either way, the property would become taxable property, he said.

The city has the land valued at $445,800 although the land is currently exempt from property taxes because it is a publicly owned school.

Councilor Brian Harden said he also considered the site a wonderful location for housing.

Councilor Elizabeth Dickerson said she would like to have more information including whether the property — located at 338 Broadway — could be divided and how many homes could be located on the property. She said the Unitarian Universalist Church, located across the street, uses the property for overflow parking and the city should know if there is a written agreement for that arrangement.