Zach Cook lives in Minnesota, about a 26-hour drive from his hometown of Port Clyde. However, on Saturday, April 10, he will be back in Maine, but not as Zach Cook.

That night, the son of Blaine Cook Sr. and Kerry Cook will be Prozach, the submission specialist.

Cook will be part of a wrestling extravaganza to support project graduation for the Class of 2010 at Georges Valley High School, his alma mater.

The Global Impact Wrestling show will begin at 7 p.m. at the school. Tickets are on sale at the school and will be sold at the door. For ticket information, call 372-8904.

“I wanted to be a professional wrestler since I was in diapers,” Cook said, adding that he doesn’t think there was a day that went by as a child that he did not tell someone he was going to be a professional wrestler.

Now, Cook, who has been wrestling for about five years, will return “home” to show everyone he did what he always dreamed of.

Wrestling is Cook’s passion. He loves the feeling it gives him. “You could be having the crappiest day of your life and when you walk through the curtain and your music hits and there’s a huge crowd and they are all screaming and hollering, there is no better feeling in the world,” he said.

Now, Cook will return to his high school for the benefit and is eager to show his friends and family what he has become.

“It’s going to be like a dream come true,” he said. “I mean, becoming a wrestler was like a dream come true, but wrestling in front of my hometown, in front of my family, in front of my friends, everybody I grew up with, that’s going to be a dream come true for me.”

His brother, Russell Cook, will be the announcer for the event.

Surprisingly, Cook didn’t get into wrestling until later in his life. He grew up in Port Clyde and went to GVHS where there was not much opportunity to participate in the sport. The school did not have a wrestling team and although he could have wrestled with the Camden Hills squad, he would have had to compete alone, which did not appeal to him.

Around 2005, Cook started training to wrestle professionally and soon began to train with well known professional wrestler Tony Atlas at his school in Lewiston.

There, Cook started to see success. According to Cook, when he first got into the ring Atlas asked him if he had ever wrestled before. “He stopped the class and he goes: ‘Zach are you telling me you have never had any wrestling training whatsoever, in your life.’ and I said, ‘No I haven’t.’ He said, ‘Well, I find that hard to believe,’ said Cook.

“That right there was probably one of the biggest compliments I ever got coming from a guy like Tony,” Cook said.

Cook continued to train with Atlas and wrestled with Atlas’ organization. However, Atlas left the business and Cook began to work with Global Impact Wrestling, run by someone who worked with Atlas.

Cook said throughout his wrestling career he has performed in different parts of Maine and said that he has probably done around 100 performances in total.

Cook wanted to thank the hometown people that have inspired him and supported him through his wrestling career.

He also said he is excited to show off his ring skill and techniques. He hopes to feature one move in particular.

In junior high school, Cook came up with a move named after a long piece of road in Port Clyde. Appropriately, he calls it the “Port Clyde Stretch.”

Since its inception, the move has become his signature and even Atlas was impressed. According to Cook, Atlas told him that it was probably his favorite hold he had seen used and no one else does it.

Cook hopes to show his “signature” move at the event and thinks he can manage it. Cook said he is fairly certain he can do it because he can put it in, in most any position. “If I can slap it in, it will be used,” he said.

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