The Medomak Valley High School freshmen boys basketball team sprung into action this season despite thinning numbers over the course of the campaign. The group pulled off a 10-4 record even though they lost several players to injury and advancement to the junior varsity team.

The Panther freshmen included Conor Dahlberg, Brent Barrows, Vincent Vannah, Brandon Soper, Kazu Tibbetts, Taylor Packard, Will Dow, Johnathan Hendrickson-Belloguet, Devon Sproul, Tyler Wilson, Nick Anderson, Ryan Ripley, Jarin Cocco and T.J. Harriman. Ryan McNelly coached the team.

Hendrickson was the team’s top scorer with 135 points.

Overall, Anderson was the top individual free-throw shooter with 65 percent accuracy from the charity stripe, followed by Soper with 62 percent and Vannah with 53 percent.

The team shot 48 percent from the free-throw line.

“This was a challenging year for the boys, but they really came together and worked as a team,” said McNelly.

The coach said the team faced problems with their numbers which made continuity difficult to obtain. A month into the season the Panthers lost two standout players who moved up to the jayvee team. One player also missed the entire season due to injury and another was out five games as well.

However, there was a silver lining to the sometimes black cloud, the coach said. The vacancies “allowed many individuals to step into roles they had never been in before,” said McNelly. “This was great for the kids and many of them shone through it.”

The coach said the team’s best game of the season was early on when the Panthers played Camden Hills. Last year, the same Panther players had lost to many of the same Windjammer players in the Busline League championship and this winter Medomak Valley student-athletes were chomping at the bit to get a taste if victory.

The Panthers came into the game missing two key players but still managed to pull out a 14-point victory at 58-44. Cocco, who also played on the jayvees, was the high scorer for the game with 16 points and Anderson was the top foul shooter with a 3-of-4 (75 percent) shots made.

“They really showed through this game that they can play as a team and work well together,” said McNelly.

He said he has high expectations for the future. “With the addition of kids back from injury and those that moved up this year, I think the future looks really good for Medomak basketball,” he said.

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