Residents of the Bartlett House in Rockland are united in their opposition to a proposed expansion of the housing complex.

Six of the residents voiced their opposition in a group interview April 6 in the apartment of Doug Vedoe. Also speaking out were Jean and Walter Bayer, Louise Knowlton, Virginia Thomas, and Carol Higgins.

Vedoe has hired attorney Frederick Newcomb of Rockland to represent him on the issue.

The Rockland Planning Board will consider the expansion at its May 4 meeting at city hall.

An application has been filed with the city’s code enforcement office for an additional 24 residential units in the Bartlett House. The existing Bartlett House has 34 units and opened in 1998.

But Vedoe said the expansion is contrary to the information provided to current residents. Thirty-three of the 36 residents of the Bartlett House signed a petition last September to oppose the addition and asked that it not go forward.

“We, and our concerned children, were led to believe by brochures and advertising that there would not be any expansion or enlargement of Bartlett House,” the petition states.

The petition refers to a brochure put out by the Bartlett Woods retirement community that states: “We feel that it is a great advantage to keep Bartlett Woods the size that it is; it helps us to provide more personalized care.”

There are also 14 cottages around the main complex.

The petition also states that during the construction period, residents can expect 10 months of a major disturbance in their lives including noise and commotion from tractors, delivery trucks, earth moving equipment, air tools and hammers, and banging, which would be an “undue stress and create an unhealthy environment for this group of aged senior citizens for a significant portion of our expected longevity.”

“At this stage of our lives, we need and deserve peace, quiet and a measure of stability in our lives,” the petition states. “That is why we are here. We believe that there is an implicit promise from the directors to provide this to the residents.”

Vedoe hired Newcomb last fall when the project was first proposed and a letter was sent by Newcomb to William Ginn, the chairman of the Bartlett Woods Board of Directors. Bartlett Woods provides meals and services to its residents.

Ginn said April 6 that no decision has been made by the board of directors to proceed with the project. He said he expects a decision by summer.

He said while the board is sensitive to the concerns of residents, the overriding concern is whether Bartlett Woods should expand so that more individuals can benefit from the approach offered by the facility.

Ginn said the decision will rest on whether the expansion makes financial sense and whether the additional units would be in demand. The board chairman said he also does not believe the disruption would be as severe as some residents expect. He said the main construction would take only three to four months. The application states the expansion would be completed in nine months.