After a winter of competition, David Kurr recently won the Spring Singles Handball Tournament at South School by defeating Nick Keene in the March 26 championship.

“It was a great contest to watch and outstanding sportsmanship was shown by all,” said organizer and coach Joel Dempsey.

Over the winter and early spring, 13 South School students competed in a handball tournament hosted by the school and sponsored by the United States Handball Association. The tournament took a round robin format and, by the end, the elite eight were determined by their record and number of points scored.

The eight included Kurr, Michael Norton, Nathan Hersom, David Young, Christian Gill, Ian Goff, Nick Keene and Vaughn Faller.

The championship round was played on March 26 between Kurr and Keene and the winner was determined after a tiebreaker match. The first match went to Keene 11-4 and the second to Kurr 11-2. Kurr took the title with a 7-4 tiebreaker victory.

The earlier results of the tournament were:

Opening round — Hersom 7, Norton 2; Kurr 7, Young 3; Gill 7, Goff 4; and Keene 7, Faller 6.

Second round — Kurr 11, Hersom 7; and Keen 11, Gill 5.

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