The Rockland Planning Commission will consider May 4 a major expansion of the Bartlett Woods housing complex.

The application for the addition of 24 housing units was filed last week at the city’s code enforcement office. The project calls for a three-story expansion to the Bartlett House. The expansion would be located on the Talbot Avenue side of the building.

The addition would create 20,546 square feet of floor space at an estimated cost of $2.5 million. The project would take nine months to complete from the start of construction.

The Bartlett House currently has 34 units and opened in 1998. The complex is located off upper Talbot Avenue.

The Rockland City Council amended zoning laws last year to make assisted living facilities a conditional use in a residential B zone. This requires the applicant to go before the planning board, which reviews each application to see if it fits into the neighborhood.

At a council meeting last July, Councilor Brian Harden said Bartlett Woods is near his home and he considers the development an asset. He said the elderly housing is neighborhood friendly.

Councilor Tom Molloy agreed, saying Bartlett Woods was not only an asset to the neighborhood but also an asset to the city.

The Bartlett House apartments have been filled for the past four years and there is a waiting list of 27 people.