Shelley Johnson of BreathEasy Farm will present a talk titled “Grow More, Work Less with Square Foot Gardening” on Tuesday, April 6 at noon at Merryspring Nature Center.

Participants will learn how to make the most of small spaces or simply use what space they have more efficiently to grow vegetables, herbs and flowers. Johnson will review how to create and maintain raised beds, rejuvenate existing garden beds, and set up areas of intensive production for the home garden. She will show how creating (nearly) weed-free growing areas with high fertility lessen demands on the home gardener while increasing production. Johnson will explain how to develop a rich organic growing medium in the right spot and plant it carefully, closely, and well.

Johnson is a Master Gardener and active volunteer for the Erickson Field programs. Her work at BreathEasy Farm incorporates an holistic approach to growing by creating and maintaining good soil and a site with plenty of insect and microbial diversity. She is an avid believer that if someone gardens, he or she will grow.

Merryspring members and all children attend talks free, and there is a charge of $5 for non-members. Merryspring is a member-supported, nonprofit nature education center and park located at the end of Conway Road just off Route 1 by the Hannaford shopping plaza in Camden. For more information, call Merryspring at 236-2239 or visit