Camden historian Barbara Dyer will give an illustrated talk on the history of Camden shipbuilding on Sunday, April 11 at 2 p.m. at the Camden Public Library. The free talk is part of the library’s Maritime Month series of programs.

The images in the talk are from the collection of historic photographs at the Walsh History Center at the library.

“My talk will be a history of vessel building around Camden Harbor, beginning in the late 1700s,” Dyer said. “I will discuss the location of the various yards and there will be pictures on the screen of many of the vessels.”

The program will include photos of the second five-masted schooner ever built, John B. Prescott, and the first six-masted schooner, George W. Wells, launched in 1900. Dyer’s program will include the history of building vessels for World War II for the United States and for England under the Lend-Lease program.

“There was a time when the Camden Shipbuilding & Marine Railways Co. employed 1,500 people,” Dyer said. “After the First World War, Camden Shipbuilding Co. constructed custom-built pleasure yachts. There will be a time for questions and answers if wanted.”

Copies of Dyer’s book, “Vessels of Camden,” a picture book of the Camden vessels and some of the workmen, will be available.

“Come hear a 200-year history in an hour or two,” Dyer said.

Maritime Month is an annual celebration of marine history and heritage, sponsored by the Camden Public Library. Maritime Month will feature historians, authors, exhibits, marine architects, movies and children’s events. Visit the library Web site at for the complete schedule. Marine Month is supported through the generosity of Rankin’s Hardware of Camden, On The Water in Maine, and the Penobscot Marine Museum of Searsport.