Dance party a success

Thanks to the efforts, energy and enthusiasm of a couple of hundred people and the musical talents of the Toughcats, the March 13 Tropical Dance Party was a great success. Together we raised $3,000 for Partners In Health to support its work providing ongoing medical care in Haiti .

Special thanks to the people without whom it simply couldn’t have happened: first, to the Toughcats for their great music and generous spirits; to Sue Dates for all her help in setting up the Rockport Opera House; to Jerry Carr for security; and to the team from Chi Chi Chef for bar tending.

Many of my dear friends pitched in to help in big and small ways. I owe special acknowledgment to Nancy Hughes, Kristen Lindquist, Chuck Brawn, Tom Dayhoof, Elizabeth Noble, Colin Page, Kathy Kandziolka, Victoria and Andrew Marshall, Gus and Danielle Natale, and Drew Darling for taking on specific tasks. To all of these people, and to the rest who just saw what needed to be done and did it, my deep gratitude.

Thanks too to Kate McMorrow for organizing a raffle that generated an additional $400 for PIH; to Melissa Honeybell for selling tickets; and to the raffle prize donors. They were John Orlando and Camden Arts Collaborations, who donated tickets to the Live Art Dance Party on March 20, and the Toughcats, who donated their new CD, “Run to the Mill.” Each of the following wellness practitioners made a substantial donation of a gift certificate for the grand prize deluxe wellness package: Maggie Churchill, Martha Derbyshire, Michele DiGirolamo, Mo Donald, Missy Lamont, Terry Milller, Kate McMorrow, Joseph Mooney, Deb Moskowitz, Holly Noonan, Monica Shields, Pauline Wilder, and Elisabeth Wolfe.

Finally, heartfelt thanks to everyone who bought tickets, made additional donations to PIH in honor of the day, and filled the opera house with such fun, warmth and generosity.

Shannon Thompson