Thanks to Central Maine Power

Although I’m a couple of weeks late, my husband and I are immensely thankful to all the Central Maine Power workers who worked long hours to restore our power two weekends ago. I also wish to thank the young woman who took my call that Sunday and called back Monday right after the power was restored to see if it had been. That was very thoughtful of her.

Thank you again to everyone involved for their hard work. It’s very appreciated.

Merton and Sylvia Murphy

Tenants Harbor

Finnish family memories

I am preparing a summer 2010 exhibit titled “Remembering Grandmother and Grandfather” for the Finnish Heritage House ( This summer’s tribute to the Finnish families who settled in Midcoast Maine will include memories of the blueberry business, sauna, Finnish American music, granite industry, poultry farming and life in the Finnish American community.

If you have any photos of your parents, grandparents or great-grandparents that could be included in this exhibit and any memories of the topics listed above please contact me via one of the means listed below. I will make laser copies of your photos and return them to you promptly. I hope to make this exhibit the best yet and with your help I am certain that it will be.

The exhibit will be displayed at the Finnish Heritage House on Route 131 (River Road) in South Thomaston from June 19 until the middle of October.

Kiitos …

Steven Gifford

4 Park Avenue West

Brewer, ME 04412


St. Patrick’s Day supper

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the William Brazier American Legion Auxiliary and Bill Demmons and Jonathan Grout of the American Legion Post 37 for all their hard work that was done for our successful St. Patrick’s Day supper held on March 17. Thanks also for the help of Joyce Grafton – she was an angel from heaven. And thanks for all the cake that was made by the auxiliary ladies and gentlemen.

All money we make goes toward a needy family at Christmastime and scholarships.

Once again, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks from the bottom of my heart. I love you.

Laura Alley

President of Unit 37 Auxiliary


Glove treatment at restaurants

For better health for customers who eat at public restaurants in the state of Maine, we should have a law passed in Augusta by our lawmakers saying that all cooks and chefs who prepare food for the public be required to wear plastic or rubber gloves while at work. This would be much safer for all when we enjoy our meals.

Gordon Wotton