Greens are up

Ollie Curtis called from his Owls Head estate to report that he dug his first dandelion greens of the season on March 22. Curtis said this was the earliest he has harvested the first crop of greens. He said he planned to have them for dinner that evening along with haddock and potatoes. The past few weeks have seen temperatures at or above 50 degrees with a record-breaking 68 degrees on March 20.

Not to be bested, Nettie Salo of Owls Head also called March 22 to report she had dug her first dandelion greens of the season. Salo said she would have her greens with ham and potatoes.

In Rockport, one gardener was happily digging among the strawberries on March 20, barefoot and in shorts, with the dog nearby, panting in the shade. A few mosquitoes flew in during the night, with the windows cracked — who would think that one would be sleepily swatting at mosquitoes in the middle of a March night in Maine? By the night of March 21 the mosquitoes must have been truly confused as snow showers fell.

Speaking of Rockport, a tense budget season has been eased by food, with catered sandwiches and cookies for the hardworking committees and boards who spend hours hunched over line items. A sage friend has always said that meetings go better, and are friendlier, accompanied by food and drink. He also said to be wary of meetings scheduled around a full moon.

Hikers going up Maiden’s Cliff were caught in the snow flurries on March 21, where everyone remarked about the sudden shift in weather over the course of 24 hours.  Later, one of the same people spotted loons on Levenseller Pond in Lincolnville.

Get your cookies

It’s Girl Scout cookie time, in case one hasn’t encountered them yet. Some of the troops are setting up tables at the entrances to local stores, so if you failed to place your order earlier this winter, you can still get a box of your favorites this spring.

Successful fundraising

Congratulations to the eighth-grade class at Hope Elementary School. The students have raised $8,000 so far this year for their class trip to Quebec. C’est bon!

From abroad

This from the Wall Street Journal, March 19: Should one be in Rome through the end of April and hungry for home, stop by the Museo di Roma in Trastevere for a glimpse of Rockport. A traveling exhibit of work by photographer Stephen Shore includes what reviewer J.S. Marcus called a “remarkable photograph, described as ‘Union Street, Rockport, Maine, July 23, 1974,’ [that] shows a small, shingled house in a light that is both merciless and flattering — we know we are seeing the house at its best, but that only emphasizes its shabby modesty.” Shore, he wrote, toured the United States with a large format camera in the 1970s. His photos, 150 of them, are part of this tour, and include that house in Rockport.

With Palm Sunday this weekend, and Passover beginning Monday, March 29 at dusk, can Easter be far behind? Families will be gathering, food will take on symbolic meaning, and new dresses and hats will be seen on the streets.