Martyn Wyndham-Read will perform at the Camden Library Coffeehouse Thursday, April 1, from 7 to 9 p.m. The evening will open with a few songs from Gordon Bok. The Coffeehouse is held in the Jean Picker Room of Camden Public Library, Atlantic Avenue. Admission will be $7.

English native Wyndham-Read performs folk classics of Australia including songs, humor and anecdotes of outback life, weaving in comments on Australian history and culture. He developed his interest in folksongs of the outback in Australia in the early 1960s when he worked at a sheep station. During subsequent travels, he sought out and learned old songs directly from drovers, cane cutters and other bush workers, performing them to audiences across Australia.

After seven years, Wyndham-Read returned to England and has been performing his music across the globe ever since. His recording career spans 33 years and more than 30 albums, many considered classics of their genre. His latest CD, 2008’s “Jackeroo,” (2008) portrays his life so far through songs both old and new. He also is the instigator of the acclaimed Song Links Project celebrating English traditional songs and their Australian variants; and Song Links 2, which contrasts English traditional songs with versions that have traveled over the Atlantic and been sung (and further developed) in North America.

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