While the regular basketball season may be over for local schools, there was plenty of ball played in Waldoboro over the weekend as 18 games involving Lincoln and Knox county seventh- and eighth-grade squads took place Friday and Saturday at Medomak Valley High School and Medomak Middle School.

The Medomak All Sports Boosters sponsored the second annual Medomak Midcoast Madness hoop tournament for seventh and eighth graders.

When the dust settled after two days of games, the Georges Valley boys and Boothbay girls were the champions. Georges Valley defeated the Lincoln Academy eighth graders 33-30 in Saturday night’s boys final at MVHS, while Boothbay beat Lincoln Academy 35-24 in the girls championship the same night at MMS.

There were four games Friday at MVHS and seven more at that site Saturday. There were no games at MMS Friday, but seven were held Saturday at that venue. Games included 20-minute, running time halves, with clock stoppage in the final minute of each half.

A list of players and coaches for each participating team includes:

The Georges Valley seventh- and eighth-grade boys include Eli Thorbjornson, Caleb Jacob, Nick Judge, Steven Judge, Sawyer Pilsbury, Jimmy Strong, Justin Robinson, Philip Atwood, Jarrod Leonardi, R.J. Hall, Walker Ranney, John Ferguson and Ben Caron. The coaches are Scott Johnson and Jason Skarka.

The Medomak seventh- and eighth-grade girls include Brooke Benedict, Paige Theberge, Laura Dyer, Delaney Overlock, Aiden Skov, Hannah Marks, Amanda Young, Taylor Mason, Halie Haskins, Sammie Griffin, Alexa Genthner and Courtney McDonald. The coach is Rachel Winchenbach.

The Medomak seventh-grade boys include Jamie Temple, Sam Morrill, Lonnie Adolphsen, Glenn Weeks, Colton Spear, Robbie Flint, Noah Beck, Tyler Emerson, Micah Williamson and Hunter Wincapaw. The coaches are Richard Williamson and Andrea Williamson.

The Medomak eighth-grade boys include Michael Wadsworth, Will Blodgett, Hunter Baughman, Michael Canfield, Devon Field, Tim Farrar, Cadison Willis, Ethan Morin, Zach Little, Nathan Mazanec, Patrick Melody, Brandon Lessard and Joshua Lee. The coachesĀ  are Pat Delahanty, Bubba Lee and Nick DePatsy.

The Lincoln seventh- and eighth-grade girls include Megan Krah, Amelia Martin, Avery Bond, Camille Lizarri, Marrissa White, Leslie Sandefur, Colleen Trayers, Rachel Hughes, Eliza D’Anero, Bayley Pendleton, Abbie Farrin, Danielle Pinkham, Taylor Oliver, Danielle Pierce, Jennifer Genthner and Sophia Carbonneau. The coach is Holly Pendleton.

The Lincoln seventh-grade boys include Tyler Stevens, Owen Anderson, Sawyer Pinkham, Brady Leeman, Greg Anderson, Cole Eugley, Travis Creamer, Devin Siherer, Jacob Robinson, Brandon Solero, Ben Andrews and Wally Morris. The coach is John Gosselin.

The Lincoln eighth-grade boys include Matt Bolster, Mitchell Cummings, Tyler Cheney, A.J. Oliver, Sam Genthner, Austin Dodge, Spenser Alden, Seaward Matell, Tyler Ward, Dustin Prior, Julian Frink and Killian Miller. The coaches are Deric Verney and Kyle Feltis.

The Boothbay Region seventh-grade boys include Collin Thompson, Joseph Dimauro, Aaron Dickinson, Zac Vise, Nick Kilgus, Nick Burge, John Hepburn, Evan Hepburn and Andrew Blackman. The coach is Gary Dickinson.

The Boothbay Region seventh- and eighth-grade girls include Sara Durgin, Abby McLellan, Kacey Cromwell, Brianna Goud, Morgan Crocker, Ashley Reed, Hanna Brewer, Brooke Alley, Lexi Morse and Elizabeth Bailey. The coaches are Munro Dodge and Russ Brewer.

Hope-Appleton-Lincolnville seventh- and eighth-grade boys include Nathan Pascal, Ben Welt, Jacob Pascal, Trevor Fowles, Cameron Lafleche, Joseph Tibbets, Sam Berry, Wyatt Summers, Drew Stanley and Taylor Benner. The coaches are Tom Ford, Herman Summers, Neil Pascal and Sarah Pascal.

Midcoast seventh- and eighth-grade girls include MaKenna Brooks, Annie Young, Lily Vachon, Jackie Thorbjornson, Brittany Bowman, Krisandra McNichol, Macy Buck, Emily Gould, Payton Billingsley, Trittany Penn, Addie Drinkwater, Ashley Gardner, Jane van der Schaff and Paige Proffitt. The coaches are Gregg Billingsley and Dan and Danielle McNichol. The team is made of players from several local communities.

In Saturday’s boys championship game, Georges Valley beat Lincoln eighth 33-30, as N. Judge tallied 14 points; Ferguson, 13; Ranney, four; and Thorbjornson, two. For Lincoln, Alden scored 10 points; Oliver and Matell, both six; and Cummings, three.

In Saturday’s girls championship game, Boothbay won 35-24, as Cromwell and Goud tossed in 10 points; and McLellan, five. For Lincoln, Genthner netted nine to lead the way.

A recap of other games in the tourney includes:

Friday MVHS games

The Lincoln eighth-grade boys beat Medomak eighth 52-30, as Oliver poured in 22 points; Matell, eight; Genthner and Ward, both six; Cummings and Alden, both four; and Dodge, two. For Medomak, Willis netted 11 points; Little, 10; Farrar, six; Lee, two; and Mazanec, one.

The Lincoln seventh-grade boys beat Medomak seventh 32-19, as Creamer scored 10 points; Robinson, nine; G. Anderson and Morris, both four; Pinkham, two; and O. Anderson, one. For Medomak, Temple tallied 13 points; Spear, four; and Williamson, two.

The Georges Valley boys beat Boothbay 47-30, as Caron tossed in 14 points; Ferguson, 12; Atwood, 11; Thorbjornson, five; Leonardi, four; and Ranney, one. For Boothbay, J. Hepburn netted nine points; E. Hepburn, eight; Dickinson, six; Dimauro, three; and Kilgus, and Burge, both two.

The Boothbay girls defeated Medomak 22-21, as McLellan tallied nine points; Cromwell, four; Alley, three; and Crocker, Brewer and Reed, all two. For Medomak, Mason had nine points; and Marks, Griffin and Young, all four.

Saturday MVHS games

The Lincoln girls beat Midcoast, 22-16, as Genthner netted 12 points; Pierce, four; and Oliver, Sandefur and D’Anero, all two. For Midcoast, Penn scored six points; Billingsley and Van Der Schaff, all four; and Young, two.

The Georges Valley boys defeated Medomak seventh 37-20, as N. Judge scored nine points; Ferguson, eight; Thorbjornson, seven; Atwood, six; Leonardi, four; and Caron, three. For Medomak, Williamson netted 12 pooints; and Temple and Beck, both four.

The Georges Valley boys bested Lincoln seventh 38-27, as Ferguson tallied 14 points; Atwood, nine; N. Judge, eight; Ranney, three; and Pilsbury and Caron, both two. For Lincoln, Creamer scored 13 points; Robinson, eight; and Morris, Siherer and Pinkham, all two.

The Lincoln eighth-grade boys downed HAL 47-11, as Matell scored 10 points; Cummings and Oliver, both eight; Ward, six; Miller, five; Dodge, four; and Cheney and Prior, both three. For HAL, N. Pascal netted seven points; Fowles, three; and Benner, one.

The Boothbay girls beat Lincoln 33-21, as McLellan scored 11 points; Cromwell, eight; Durgin, five; Gould and Crocker, both three; and Alley, two. For Lincoln, Sandefur scored seven points; White and Genthner, both four; and Hughes, Pinkham and Pierce, all two.

The Lincoln eighth bested Boothbay 57-40, as Matell dumped in 23 points; Oliver, 17; Ward, Alden and Bolster, all four; Genthner, three; and Cheney, two. For Boothbay, E. Hepburn scored 16 points; J. Hepburn, 11; Dimauro, eight; Dickinson, three; and Kilgus, two.

MMS Saturday games

The Lincoln seventh-grade boys beat HAL 36-18, as Creamer and O. Anderson both scored six points; Robinson, five; Leeman and Solero, both four; Stevens, three; and Pinkham, Siherer, Andrews and Morris, all two. For HAL, N. Pascal tallied seven points; Benner, five; and J. Pascal and Fowles, both two.

The Lincoln Academy girls defeated Medomak 27-18, as Genthner scored 13 points; Hughes, six; and White, Trayers and D’Anero and Pinkham, all two. For Medomak, Griffin and Mason both scored seven points; and Skov and Marks, both two.

The Boothbay girls beat Midcoast 28-23, as Alley tallied eight points; McLellan, six; Cromwell and Goud, both three; and Crocker and Morse, both two. For Midcoast, Penn netted 12 points; Gould, three; and Brooks, Thorbjornson, Billingsley and van der Schaff all two.

The Medomak eighth-grade boys bested Boothbay 35-34, as Mazanec scored 13 points; Farrar, 11; Little, eight; and Willis, three. For Boothbay, J. Hepburn poured in 18; E. Hepburn, six; Burge, six; and Dimauro and Dickinson, both two.

The Midcoast girls beat Medomak 29-19, as Penn tallied 10 points; Gould, six; Brooks, three; and Young, Vachon, Buck, Gardner and van der Schaff, all two. For Medomak, Haskins and Griffin both scored six points; Marks, three; and Young and Mason, both two.

The Medomak seventh-grade boys defeated HAL 30-11, as Temple scored 15 points; Beck, five; Williamson, two; and Weeks, Spear, Emerson and Wincapaw, all one. For HAL, N. Pascal tallied three points; and Fowles, Benner, Summers and Stanley, all two.

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