Lani Temple of Megunticook Market and Rob Caldwell, host of WCSH’s “207,” will make healthy yogurt marinated lamb kebabs on “207” on Thursday, April 1 at 7 p.m.

For the kebabs, use a lamb shoulder or leg of lamb cut into large cubes and soaked overnight in yogurt to keep the lamb meat tender and flavorful. Kebabs are easily prepared for a weeknight family meal at home or an Easter Sunday dinner. Although lamb is available year round with today’s practices of animal husbandry, spring lamb was once associated with a young animal harvested in the spring and prized because of its tenderness. Lamb has long been a traditional centerpiece for an Easter meal.

For those committed to seeking local sources for food in Maine, try the lamb from Ellsfarm. Perry Ells raises the sheep “all natural.” The lambs eat a diet of fresh grass from frost to frost and grains void of antibiotics and synthetic hormones for the remainder of the year. Ellsfarm is a small 63-acre family owned sheep farm located on a hilltop in Union. Ellsfarm lamb is available at local food markets in the Midcoast.

Temple, owner of Megunticook Market in Camden, is a regular guest on “207” and is a columnist for Maine Food & Lifestyle Magazine. Megunticook Market is Camden’s country market, specializing in custom cut meats, wine and cheese, local produce, prepared foods and catering.

“207” is a half-hour lifestyle news show covering Maine and is aired nightly on WCSH Portland at 7 p.m. For more information, or to get the recipe after the show, visit and click on “207.”