Knox County has added to its fleet of emergency vehicles.

The county’s Emergency Management Agency recently purchased a new truck that will be used as a support vehicle and command vehicle in the event of a hazardous material spill or other disaster.

Knox County EMA Director Ray Sisk said the vehicle was purchased with the assistance of a grant from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The vehicle cost $32,000 with the county share being $14,010.

Sisk said the county sent out requests for quotations. The vehicle was purchased from Fuller’s in Rockland.

The vehicle is a GMC crew cab 3/4-ton 2010 truck.

Sisk said the county is talking with the state to see if the vehicle could be parked in the enclosed parking lot in the basement of the courthouse but no agreement has been reached. When the county commissioners discussed acquiring the truck, there was concern voiced about the potential for vandalism to the vehicle if it were parked at the courthouse overnight.