Close to home was the perfect place to be for the Troy Howard Middle School wrestling squad Saturday as the young Lions, competing a few miles from their school at Belfast Area High School, dominated the competition in winning the Pine Tree Wrestling League East regional championship.

While the Lions ruled the team mats, a bundle of Midcoast youngsters — including from Troy Howard Middle School, Medomak Middle School, Hope-Appleton-Lincolnville, Rockland District Middle School and Camden-Rockport Middle School —  also earned top-four performances and spots in next weekend’s league championship meet Saturday, March 27 at 9:30 a.m. at Brewer High School.

The top four wrestlers in each weight class from the East and West regionals will compete in the league championship meet. The meet is not a state championship because there are other middle school wrestling leagues in the state and grapplers from each league do not face off for an overall state title.

The team scores from the East regional were: Troy Howard 186, Ellsworth 148, HAL 114.5, Hermon 100, Nokomis of Newport 96, Bucksport 90.5, Medomak 66, Camden-Rockport 58, Bewer 41, Cony of Augusta 40, Rockland 36 and St. George no score.

The local grapplers who qualified for the state meet, and their placing at the East regional meet, were:

Troy Howard Middle School — Dagan Berenyi (first at 75 pounds), Walker Roberts (first at 103), Daniel Weiss (first at 155), Brandon Waterman (second at 110), Mike McFadden (second at 124), Damien Ball (second at 138), Alec Young (third at 96), Curtis Warren (third at 117), Chapin Lamont (third at 131), Cole Resmini (third at 240), Jeremy Flagg (fourth at 89) and Austin Sprague (fourth at 145).

Rockland District Middle School — Chris Weiss (first at 110 pounds) and Jon Robishaw (second at 82),

Hope-Appleton-Lincolnville — Isaac Young (first at 124 pounds), John Underhill (second at 89), Colt Muir (second at 190), James Archer (third at 82), Nate Williams (third at 170), Zachary Collins (fourth at 75), Casey Rouleau (fourth at 110), Wyatt Parra (fourth at 131), and Matt Watts (fourth at 240).

Camden-Rockport Middle School — Connor Winchenbach (first at 96 pounds), Ben Winchenbach (third at 75), Eli Smith (third at 110) and Brooks Bumbalo (fourth at 103).

Medomak Middle School — Cyril Miller (first at 145), Todd Anderson (second at 117), Zach Rideout (third at 124), Dustin Upham (fourth at 155) and Travis Reed (fourth at 190).

The individual results from the meet for Midcoast wrestlers includes:

75 pounds — Berenyi, TH, pinned Bronson Pratt, Her, at 0:17; pinned B. Winchenbach, CR, at 0:58; and pinned Hayden Craig, Buck, at 2:43 in the championship final.

B. Winchenbach, CR, won by major decision over Nick Charalambous, Brew, 9-1; was pinned by Berenyi, TH, at 0:58; pinned Zach Charest, Con, at 1:01; and beat Collins, HAL, 4-3 in the consolation final.

Collins, HAL, received a first-round bye; lost to Craig, Buck, 11-5; pinned Charalambous, Brew, at 3:33; and lost to B. Winchenbach, CR, 4-3 in the consolation final.

82 pounds — Robishaw, Rock, received a first-round bye; pinned Ryan Kiah, Brew, at 1:48; and lost by major decision to Tyler Pye, Bucks, 11-2 in the championship final.

Archer, HAL, pinned Derek McCarthy, Her, at 0:24: was pinned by Pye, Buck, at 3:45; pinned Gerard Coward, TH, at 1:43; and pinned Kiah, Brew, at 2:11 in the consolation final.

Gerard Coward, TH, was pinned by Kiah, Brew, at 3:40; and was pinned by Archer, HAL, at 1:43.

89 pounds — Flagg, TH, pinned Zack Annis, CR, at 2:58; lost by major decision to Austin Mason, Bucks, 14-6; pinned Ethan Scott, Ells, at 1:36; and lost by major decision to Teran Booth, Nok, 17-9 in the consolation final.

Annis, CRMS, was pinned by Flagg, TH, at 2:58; pinned Greg Charalambous, Brew, at 1:19; and was pinned by Booth, Nok, at 1:02.

Underhill, HAL, pinned Scott, Ells, at 0:05; beat Booth, Nok, by tech fall 17-2; and was pinned by Mason, Buck, at 1:59 in the championship final.

96 pounds — Young, TH, won by major decision over Nick Dumas, Con, 15-2; pinned Jared Winters, Ells, at 0:43; and won by major decision over Matt Stewart, Buck, 14-4 in the consolation final.

C. Winchenbach, CR, pinned Peyton Young, HAL, at 0:28; won by major decision over Young, TH, 8-0; and won by major decision over Mark Smith, Brew, 12-3 in the championship final.

Young, HAL, was pinned by Winchenbach, CR at 0:28; and was pinned by Dumas, Cony, at 1:01.

103 pounds — Roberts, TH, pinned, Elija Ames, HAL, at 0:17; pinned Steven Beland, Con, at 1:06; and beat Jack Weeks, Ells, 7-1 in the championship final.

Ames, HAL, was pinned by Roberts, TH, at 0:17; and lost to Tanner Bishop, Buck, 6-0.

Bumbalo, CR, lost to Codey Staples, Her, 4-0; pinned Kyle Donlin, Med, at 2:57; beat Steven Beland, Con, 9-5; and lost to Staples, Her, 8-2 in the consolation final.

Donlin, Med, lost to by major decision to Jack Weeks, Ells, 15-1; and was pinned by Bumbalo, CRMS, at 2:57.

110 pounds — Chris Weiss, Rock, received a first-round bye; pinned Casey Rouleau, HAL, at 0:41; beat Waterman, TH, 9-2 in the championship final.

Rouleau, HAL, pinned Graham Frost, Con, at 1:43; was pinned by Weiss, Rock; pinned Andrew Buzzell, Her, at 0:34; and was pinned by Smith, CR, at 0:35 in the consolation final.

Smith, CR, received a first-round bye; was pinned by Waterman, at 1:35; pinned Graham Frost, Con, at 4:19; and pinned Rouleau, HAL, at 0:35 in the consolation final.

Waterman, TH, pinned Buzzell, Her, at 0:27; pinned Smith, CR, at 1:35; and lost to Weiss, Rock, 9-2 in the championship final.

117 pounds — Anderson, Med, received a first-round bye; beat Corey Eaton, Brew, 12-5; and was pinned by Jonathan Crocker, Nok, at 3:44 in the championship final.

Sam Gimlewicz, CR, was pinned by Eaton, Brew, at 1:52; and was pinned by Curtis Warren, TH, at 2:59.

Curtis Warren, TH, won by technical fall over Brandon Benson, HAL, 15-0; was pinned by Crocker, Nok, at 1:52; pinned Gimlewicz, CR, at 2:59; and won by technical fall over Eaton, Brew, 17-0 in the consolation final.

Benson, HAL, lost by technical fall to Warren, TH, 15-0; and was pinned by Eaton, Brew, at 0:20.

124 pounds — Young, HAL, received a first-round bye; pinned Caleb McFarlin, Nok, at 0:25; and beat Mike McFadden, TH, 6-0 in the championship final.

Zach Rideout, Med, pinned Jacob Jordan, Ells, at 1:14; lost to McFadden, TH, 4-1; pinned Mehmet Carson, Brew, at 0:15; and pinned McFarlin 3:24 at 0:55.

Mcfadden, TH, pinned Taylor Crosby, CR, at 0:34; beat Rideout, Med, 4-1; and lost to Young, HAL, 6-0.

Crosby, CR, was pinned by McFadden, TH, at 0:34; and was pinned by Jacob Jordan, Ells, at 0:41.

131 pounds — Lamont, TH, pinned Tyler Dular, Con, at 1:00; pinned by Dustin Smelley, Ells, at 1:48; pinned Jacob Richards, Nok, at 0:32; and pinned Parra, HAL, at 1:08 in the consolation finals.

Parra, HAL, pinned Will Greenrose, Med, at 0:39; lost to Alanna Davis, Buck, 7-3; pinned Dular, Con, at 3:57; and was pinned by Lamont, TH, at 1:08 in consolation final.

Greenrose, Med, was pinned by Parra, HAL, at 0:39; and was pinned by Richards, Nok, at 0:36.

138 pounds — Nick Winter, HAL, pinned Kurt Long, Rock, at 0:56 in a pigtail match; was pinned by Robert Banner, Ells, at 0:11; and was pinned by Jake Fraser, at 0:13.

Long, Rock, was pinned by Winter, HAL, at 0:56 in a pigtail match.

Damien Ball, TH, pinned Owen Gilbert, Med, at 1:02; pinned Tristan Brooks, Nok, at 1:46; and was pinned by Banner, Ells, at 0:18 in the consolation final.

Gilbert, Med, was pinned by Ball, TH, at 1:02; and was pinned by Boris Clark, Buck, at 0:57.

145 pounds — Miller, Med, pinned Jacob Dawson, Brew, at 0:20; pinned Sprague, TH, at 1:22; and pinned Luke Potter, Her, at 0:54 in the championship final.

Sprague, TH, received a first-round bye; was pinned by Miller, Med, at 1:22; beat Joe Wathen, Con, 6-3; and was pinned by Jeff Weeks, Ells, at 1:15 in the consolation final.

155 pounds — Weiss, TH, received a first-round bye; pinned Dustin Upham, Med, at 0:26; and beat Zach McFarlin, Nok, 8-2 in the championship final.

Upham, Med, received a first-round bye; was pinned by Weiss, TH, at 0:26; and was pinned by Mikal Reynolds, Con, at 1:56 in the consolation final.

170 pounds — Williams, HAL, pinned Craig Brown, TH, at 1:21; was pinned by Jake Poors, Ells, at 1:16; and pinned Hunter Crocker, Nok, at 1:42  in the consolation final.

Brown, TH, was pinned by Williams, HAL, at 1:21; and was pinned by Crocker, at 0:54.

190 pounds — Muir, HAL, received a first-round bye; beat Reed, Med, 7-5; and was pinned by Kevin Gooley, Her, at 1:04 in the championship final.

Reed, Med, pinned Edwin Johnson, TH, at 0:25; lost to Muir, HAL, 7-5; pinned Dillan Moore, Nok, at 0:38; and lost to Derek Look, Ells, 10-7 in the consolation final.

Johnson, TH, was pinned by Reed, Med, at 0:25; and was pinned by Look, Ells, at 0:20.

210 pounds — Tyler Aldus, TH, was pinned by Jose Ramirez, Con, at 0:20; and was pinned by Hunter Gliddon, Nok, at 3:47.

240 pounds — Cole Resmini, TH, received a first-round bye; was pinned by Mason Bridges, Ells, at 1:48; and pinned Watts, HAL, at 0:22 in the consolation final.

Watts, HAL, received a first-round bye; was pinned by Jacob Nichols, Nok, at 0:14; and was pinned by Resmini, TH, at 0:22 in the consolation final.

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