A look through the newspaper archives revealed the following:

One year ago, 2009

Fishermen who used the co-ops in Friendship and Vinalhaven were to be assured of access to the waterfront with the award of two state grants. Money from the Working Waterfront Access Pilot Program was to purchase a working waterfront covenant on each property: the Vinalhaven Fishermen’s Co-op and the Friendship Lobster and Realty Co-op.

The Camden Select Board gave its blessing to the concept of creating a path alongside the Megunticook River that would eventually stretch from Shirt Tail Point to Knowlton Street.

All Knox County sheriff’s patrol vehicles were to begin carrying video cameras. The Knox County Commission voted to allow Sheriff Donna Dennison to use funds from criminal forfeiture accounts to purchase video cameras for 10 cruisers. Chief Deputy Ernie McIntosh said the cameras would provide accountability for all officers.

Five years ago, 2005

The Midcoast Integrated Health Collaborative was a new adolescent mental health program. It was run by Penobscot Bay Medical Center, the Mid-Coast Mental Health Center and the Penobscot Bay YMCA. MIHC was housed at Midcoast Substance Abuse Counseling in Camden.

The commissioner of the Maine Department of Transportation promised immediate solutions to the area’s bumpy roads. Rep. Barbara Merrill, D-Appleton, invited DOT Commissioner David Cole to see the roads and a group toured Routes 52 and 235.

People on Islesboro continued to discuss secession from Waldo County.

10 years ago, 2000

A view of Curtis Island in Camden Harbor could be had from public land at the foot of Beacon Avenue, but it required a walk of several yards through the trees. Neighbors objected to the town’s plan to put a signpost up about the view.

The Camden Health Care Center and its parent company Northeast Health received final approval from the Camden Planning Board for the proposed Quarry Hill retirement community site plan.

Wal-Mart was fined $206,000 for child labor violations. The Department of Labor discovered 1,436 child-labor violations in 20 Wal-Mart stores. The violations of Maine child labor laws took place between January 1995 and June 1998.

25 years ago, 1985

The Maine School Administrative District 28 board reacted with shock and sadness to longtime Camden-Rockport High School Principal Ross Holt’s resignation after 18 years at the school. Holt said he felt it was “time for a change, and for CRHS to have some new blood and a fresh approach to things.”

From Food for Thought by Richard McLaughlin: “To keep pie crust from shrinking, roll the dough out big enough so that you can ease it into the pie plate instead of having to pull or stretch. Let the crust rest in the refrigerator before baking.”

As the result of a $1 million lawsuit filed against the New England Patriots football team by Patriots cheerleader and former Camden resident Tia Spearin, the annual firemen’s parade and talent show was without her group. Spearin’s suit alleged she suffered personal injury when she was knocked over on the sidelines by a Patriots player during a game.

50 years ago, 1960

Peter Strang won another contest. The “Billionaire Vacation” Sweepstakes entitled him and one companion to a two week all expense trip to any country in the world where Spam was sold. There were 52 such countries, and Strang was one of 10 winners in the nation. Strang had won a fishing trip to Brazil the previous fall.

It was reported that one-half of the population of Maine lived outside cities.

This from the column Speaking of Cards: “Do you remember the first card game ever played in you family? The chances are it was Rum or Rummy because surveys show it is the best-known of all card games played in the United States and indeed it may be the best known game of any kind.”

100 years ago, 1910

The work of tearing down the old stable on the post office lot in Camden was done and most of the stuff had been hauled off. The stone in the foundation walls was sold and was being hauled away.

A report on Camden’s annual finances showed cash on hand, $5,571. 94. The net town debt was $59,919.99.

An item in the Neighboring Towns News said the familiar note of the bluebird had been heard, a harbinger of spring.