The following divorces were recorded from Jan. 5 to Feb. 25 in 6th District Court in Rockland.

Jack W. Randall Sr. of Rockland and Judith Randall of Bangor, married March 16, 2006, in Northport. Sole parental rights of two children to Judith Randall.

Matthew J. Whitman of Rockland and Melissa B. Elwell Whitman of South Thomaston, married Aug. 4, 2007, in South Thomaston. Shared parental rights of one child, primary residence with Melissa B. Elwell Whitman.

Aaron Wheaton of Warren and Judy Wheaton of Warren, married Feb. 27, 1999, in Rockland. Shared parental rights of one child.

Walter Robinson Sr. of Cushing and Linda D. Maloney of Cushing, married June 16, 2006, in Rockport.

Kenneth H. Eldredge of Raton, N.M., and Kathleen A. Eldredge of Rockland, married May 6, 2000, in Corinth, Maine.

Steven Thomas Conary of Washington and Carrie Pease Conary of Washington, married Aug. 22, 2001, in Ellsworth.

Michael Sheehan of Camden and Nora E. McGrath of Lincolnville, married March 22, 1997, in Belfast. Shared parental rights of two children, primary residence with Nora E. McGrath.

Michael Howe of Westbrook and Michelle Dyer Howe of Rockland, married March 25, 1994, in Riviera Beach, Fla. Sole parental rights of one child to Michelle Dyer Howe.

David C. Hiltz Jr. of Isle au Haut and Debra L. Schrader of Isle au Haut, married Feb. 15, 1992, in Houston, Texas. Shared parental rights of one child, primary residence with Debra Schrader.