We’re not sure about you, but some of the people here at the shelter — on two and four legs both — are having a bit of difficulty adjusting to the time change. It’s dark again in the morning. Crimanentlies!

Collin is now out of his cage and has officially resumed his duties as deputy office manager. We are all mighty glad to have him back, though we are keeping a close eye on his avoirdupois.

We’re also waiting for word from the state, which we expect to have very shortly, about opening the kitten and adolescent rooms. These little guys aren’t so little any more, and they’re so full of pent-up energy that we’re thinking of selling tickets to the show when they regain their freedom.

The cat rooms have been open for some time, of course, and our stream of visitors is picking up nicely, especially with the gorgeous weather. We know some people are even considering taking the snow tires off their cars, but it’s still March — and everyone in Maine knows what that means.

Do we have a full plate of things to do this year! National Volunteer Appreciation Week is set for April 18-24, and we’re planning a big bash to thank all our volunteers. If you want to be there, you have several weeks to sign up as a volunteer. One of our greatest needs is for dog walkers. There are so many advantages to this that we can’t understand why you aren’t lining up in the parking lot to take our gorgeous canines out for a walk. Don’t forget that it’s exercise for you too!

We’re also already planning a car wash and our participation in Camden’s Memorial Day Parade on May 31. We’ll continue to list things here in the column and on our Web site, so you have no excuse for missing anything. And you certainly can’t help seeing those beautiful banners Ginny and Joe Ryan produce for our sign site on Route 1.

Do we have some fabulous pet picks for you this week! (Well, to tell the truth, we think every pet in here is fabulous.)

Molly is the perfect mix of beagle and hound, and walks with her are a real lesson in where smells can be found. (A clue: everywhere.) She’s also good with other dogs, cats and kids.

Buddy is an 11-month-old German shepherd mix, and in addition to being wicked handsome, he loves walks, already knows a few commands and has a very sweet temper.

Shadow has just joined us. He’s 10 years old and he came to us because his owner is in failing health and can’t look after him. He’s beautiful, and very sweet and friendly.

Betsy was left in our lobby a little bit ago. We’re glad because we’ve got her, but we do wonder sometimes what people are thinking. We think she’s about 6 months old and we know she is a real sweetie.

We are located in Rockport at 146 Camden St., which is just across from the Subway. We are open from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday and closed on Monday. Please visit us in person and at crarl.org. We look forward to seeing you either place!