Firemen’s auxiliary

The second meeting of the Hope Firemen’s Auxiliary was held Monday evening with seven ladies present. After a discussion, a mission statement was decided upon. It is as follows: Our mission is to support the community through the Hope Fire Department with fundraising and community projects. As for membership it is as follows: Our members are considered associate members. Remember anyone is invited to attend these meetings. Next meeting will be held Monday, April 12 at 6:30 p.m. and an inventory of the kitchen will be taken to see what additional items are needed. If you have questions about this club, call Nancy at 763-4118 after 6 p.m. or Peggy Ludwig at 763-3347.

Supper and dance

The public is invited to a pasta dinner and a contra dance Friday, March 19 at the Lincolnville Central School. The event is a benefit for Partners for Enrichment, the volunteer nonprofit that brings arts and science enrichment programs to the kindergarten to eighth-grade students of Appleton, Hope and Lincolnville. Dinner begins at 6 p.m. with the dancing beginning at 7 p.m. Admission is $5 per person or $20 per family. If you have questions, contact Jane Cummons at 763-4471.

New business

Sonja Burns has started a new business. As you know Sonja cares about helping people. She is a licensed practical nurse with extensive qualifications. She realizes that people like to travel around the countryside from Maine to California and many other places around the world. She is willing to travel with anyone, helping them on planes and making their overnight arrangements. Also she would be willing to make any other arrangements that you would need. If you would like more information about her company, called Air Companions, go to or call her at 273-3043 and she will send you one of her pamphlets telling about this business.

Snowmobile meeting

Several members of the Hatchet Mt. Sno Riders Snowmobile club met last Saturday for their March meeting. A super supper was enjoyed. A discussion was held about putting in new bridges. Material to do this project was discussed at length. At the next meeting the scholarships will be drawn. If anyone has a student graduating from any high school besides the Camden Hills Regional High School, contact Rodney at 763-3353 to submit the student’s name. If anyone has done trail work in any form, please get your bill to Wayne Smith immediately as these must be turned in to the state for reimbursement soon. Don’t wait. Next meeting will be Saturday, April 17 at the Hope Town Hall with a potluck supper (note the date).

Congratulations swimmers

Please congratulate the following Hope Elementary School students on their amazing job at the Maine YMCA Swimming Championship Meet: Mark McCluskey – first place in three events, 100 yard freestyle, 50 yard butterfly and the 200 yard freestyle relay; Audrey Scott – second place in the medley relay and seventh place in the 25 yard breaststroke; Ariel Power – ninth place in the 25 yard breaststroke; Ella Scott – fourth place in the freestyle relay, sixth place in the 100 yard IM and seventh in the 50 breaststroke.

Box tops

Keep those box tops coming. They will continue to be collected and will be submitted again in June. Get your friends and families to join in collecting for the Hope School and help them reach their goal of $1,600 for a new Smartboard for the school. They are already just over halfway there. Keep up the great work.

Math League

In February the Hope School held its fourth meet of the Continental Math League. Students were given 30 minutes to complete six nonroutine word problems. The top six scores for each class were submitted as a team score. The individual with the highest score was also recognized. The results of the fourth meet were: Team high scores — Kira Barley, Laticia Billings, Thomas Griebel, Zeb Pease, Olivia Powers, Alden Roberts, Caitlin Agnor, Mark McCluskey, Nathan Soule, Rebecca Agnor, Tristan Fong, Gwenyvere Sewall, Abigail Blakeley, Chris Bresnahan, Tessa Dow, Bailey Hilt, Tyler Hoppe and Henry Laurita. Highest individual scores — Alden Roberts, Caitlin Angora and Bailey Hilt. Congratulations to all. Their fifth and final CML meet for the year will be held March 18.

Measurement Olympics

During the last week of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, middle school students here in Hope held an Olympic competition of their own. Each day teams competed to make estimates and complete conversions of measurements in both the customary and metric systems. Details and photos of the events can be seen on the school Web site. The results of the Measurement Olympics were: gold medalists — Team Russia, including Tristan Fong, Bailey Hilt, Henry Laurita, Sammi Campbell and Logan Ribar. Silver medalists — Team Ireland, including Ben Pearse, Ella Scott, Ashley Gunn, Isaiah Backiel, Tom Kunn and Jacob Smith. Bronze medalists — Team Saudi Arabia, including Sam Berry, Thomas Peabody, Matt Young, Christelle Madagmit, Caity Agnor and Jessica Williams.

Congratulations to the Olympians.

Camden Senior Citizens

Yes, winter is over and it’s time for the Camden Senior Citizens to start their meetings. The first meeting of 2010 will be held Thursday, March 25 at the Masonic Lodge at Simonton Corner. President Dot will call the meeting to order at 10 a.m. This will be followed with everyone playing beano and each person taking home two prizes furnished by the group. Lunch will be served by the Eastern Star Ladies.

New address

Don’t forget I have changed my address as of Feb. 16. It is 716 Barnestown Road, Hope. The phone number is the same.