The number of sales and the prices of homes in Knox County increased during the past quarter, according to a real estate organization.

The Maine Real Estate Information System Inc. reported that 82 homes were sold in Knox County for the three months ending Jan. 31. This was an increase of 32 percent from the 62 homes sold for the same three months a year ago. The 82 sales were the most in three years.

Prices recovered somewhat but were still sharply lower than the median prices being paid during the latter part of the past decade.

The median price of the 82 homes sold in Knox County was $167,500, an increase of 11 percent. The peak for these three months came two years ago when the median price was $249,000.

Statewide, home sales jumped 37 percent from Nov. 1 through Jan. 31 but the median price was largely unchanged at $165,000.

In Lincoln County, the number of homes sold during the quarter jumped 24 percent (51 to 63). The median price remained largely unchanged at $185,000.

In Waldo County, the number of homes sold during the quarter leaped 49 percent (43 to 64). The median price, however, declined 8 percent to $147,500.