Three people were arraigned in 6th District Court in Rockland March 17 for allegedly dealing cocaine. A fourth person was arrested earlier in the week.

The Maine Drug Enforcement Agency and local police are continuing the investigation into the cocaine dealing ring.

Amy Ashley, 31, of Rockland and Josselyn Robbins, 25, of Rockland had bail set at $5,000 cash by Judge Patricia Worth during the March 17 hearing. Ashley and Robbins were both charged with two counts of aggravated trafficking in cocaine.

The charges were aggravated as the result of past convictions for drug offenses.

Bail was set at $500 cash for Adam Knowlton, 20, of Camden for two counts of unlawful trafficking in cocaine.

Robbins was arrested the afternoon of March 16. Ashley was arrested the afternoon of March 15 and Knowlton was arrested the morning of March 15.

On the morning of March 14, Isiah Roscoe, 21, of Brewer was arrested for two counts of trafficking in drugs.

Police reports filed in court detail the use of a confidential informant to buy the cocaine from the three suspects arraigned on March 17. Knowlton’s deals were made in the parking lots of KFC in Rockport and AutoZone in Rockland, according to the police report. Ashley’s deals were made in the parking lot of South End Grocery in Rockland, the report said. Robbins’ deal was made at her Otis Street residence, according to the police report.

The informant wore a “wire” that allowed police to hear the conversations during the deals.

Ashley told police she had been selling cocaine since December and had made 12 to 15 sales.

Ashley also told police that Robbins admitted to her that Robbins and a man had robbed an elderly woman of money or checks.