Board of Selectmen Chairman Alton Grover confirmed March 17 that the town of Cushing had to pay a fine in the past year on the payroll taxes account for paying the taxes late.

“The total [of the] penalties the town paid was $2,184.33,” Town Clerk Lisa Young said in an e-mail sent March 17. “This was from the Internal Revenue Service — $1,512.56 — and from Maine Revenue [Services] … $671.77.”

Town officials were asked March 16 at the town meeting why the payroll taxes account was up to $22,000, double last year’s budget of $11,000 in the same line.

The resident who asked the question said that amount was higher than the percentage normally paid as an employer contribution, based on the salaries he saw in the town report.

Selectmen answered at the town meeting that the account was overdrawn last year. They also noted the account includes the payroll taxes on salaries for snowplowing, fire, rescue workers and the assessors’ agent. No mention of the fine was made at the town meeting.

On March 17, Grover said the fine was paid because the taxes were not paid on time.

“We didn’t do it intentionally,” Grover said.

Grover also confirmed that Young is being appointed town treasurer and that the town treasurer position is being consolidated with the town clerk position. Janet Plona was listed as the treasurer before.