The fourth annual Midcoast Youth Cheering Competition took place over the weekend at Medomak Valley High School, featuring cheerleaders from grades 3 through 6 from three local elementary schools.

The event initially was scheduled for two weeks ago at Georges Valley High School in Thomaston, but was postponed due to the storm that flew through the Midcoast and left many, including GVHS, without power.

Teams from Lura Libby Elementary School in Thomaston, Warren Elementary School in Warren and Waldoboro, a team made up of both Miller School of Waldoboro and Friendship Village School of Friendship, all took part in Saturday morning’s event as all three schools twirled, tumbled and flipped their ways to strong finishes.

Waldoboro wound up taking first place in the event, while Warren finished second and Lura Libby third. A team from Thomaston Grammar School also participated in exhibition format.

Each team did their routine twice for a panel of five judges, with intermissions in-between where many cheerleaders got up and danced on the mat to some of their favorite numbers.

Team members for Waldoboro include Cassidy Benner, Logan Delano, Samantha Pelkey, Erika Simmons, Whitney Dow, Danielle Morse, Hannah Smith, Cassidy Dever, Katie Goldrup, Stephanie Hill, Shelbe Lane, Kayanne Leach, Kassandra Mank, Kelsey Morrill, Charlotte Nicholas, Hannah Osier, Megan Sykes, Olivia Wheeler, Courtney Simmons and Hannah While. The team is coached by Alison Bramhall, Kayla Rideout and Amy Simmons.

Team members from Warren were Jessica Herrick, Jasmin Ramos, Megan Linscott, Hannah Watmaugh, Kaylee Meyers, Megan Libby, Maggie Ryan, Amanda Poland, Sophie Robbins, Natasha Lowe, Hallie Kunesh and Nashelee Monroy. The team is coached by Natasha Wallace and Hillary Jackson.

Team members for Lura Libby include Mickayla Hitz, Cali Morse, Derek O’Farrell, Morgan Heal, Jasmine O’Farrell, Nicki Demmons, Cali-Ann Miller, Mackenzie Winchenbach, C.J. Porter, Hayley Linscott and Kyla Frederick. The team is coached by Nikki Ballou and Holly Mazzeo.

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