The Maine School Administrative District 40 Budget Committee will hold informational meetings Thursday, March 25 and Tuesday, March 30 to review the proposed 2010-2011 district budget and solicit public input on the plan. The meetings will begin at 7 p.m. in the Ronald E. Dolloff Auditorium at Medomak Valley High School in Waldoboro.

The present status of the budget includes the reduction of three teaching positions due to decreases in student enrollment, according to Superintendent Francis Boynton. The split classrooms proposed in the original budget have been removed from the proposal. All classrooms will be single-grade classrooms due to an anticipated increase in state revenue. All elementary schools in the district will have at least one single-grade classroom at each level.

To maintain the Budget Committee’s requirement of a zero percent increase to the budget, a .5 reduction to district administration is included in the present proposal, along with the reduction of .8 staff in central office administration, a reduction of .6 guidance at Medomak Middle School, and a reduction of a full-time position in the Art Department at Medomak Valley High School. Various reductions have been made to supplies in all of the locations within the district.

To meet the needs of district administration, a plan to reassign district administrators was presented to the Budget Committee for review at the last meeting.

Areas identified to receive increases include $42,000 for student textbooks, an area which did not receive funding in an earlier budget. There is also an allocation of approximately $10,000 to replace the aging computer system at the Central Administrative Offices. Half of the cost of the $150,000 laptop program will be funded by a grant.

All of the meetings of the Budget Committee have been open to the public. The Budget Committee will be open to hear and encourage public comment at these meetings. Community members are urged to attend and share their views. The budget recommendation that comes from these meetings and the committee discussions will be the final budget presented to the board and then to the public for the votes in June.