The work to repair a massive sinkhole on Old County Road continued this week with the completion still set for about April 1.

The construction superintendent for the repair project said a tunnel under Old County Road on the Rockport side of the sinkhole does not appear to be at risk of collapsing.

“The ledge outcropping is pretty secure,” said Randy Barrows.

And a tunnel that runs under Route 1 in Thomaston that is used by Dragon Products to have trucks go under the road is also not viewed as a threat. Barrows said the plant manager detailed steps taken by the cement manufacturer to make sure that tunnel is secure.

At the sinkhole, crews with heavy equipment were busy working March 15. Barrows said the repairs should be done by April 1. The sinkhole started forming on Feb. 15.

The hole is being filled and then fill will be added at that location leading to the adjacent state-owned former limestone quarry to make a steep slope. Guardrails will be erected at the site.

The project is estimated to cost $250,000 and is being paid for by the state.