A Camden company has filed a lawsuit against the bank that holds the mortgage on the former Knox Mill and some associated buildings and the firm that has been managing the properties, claiming they have failed to maintain the holdings.

Penobscot Bay Media LLC also claims in the lawsuit filed March 10 in Knox County Superior Court that the management company Gray & Associates LLC has retaliated against Penobscot Bay Media’s complaints of not making repairs by seeking an eviction notice in court. Penobscot Bay Media is asking the court to block the eviction.

The lawsuit names Gray & Associates of Baltimore, Md., as well as PNC Bank, National Associates of Pittsburgh, Pa., as defendants.

Penobscot Bay Media signed a lease in May 2007 for about 6,000 square feet at 51 Mechanic St. The company employs 45 people in data management and data storage and GIS custom software development.

Maine Investment Properties owned the property at that time but defaulted on its mortgage with PNC Bank. A federal court placed the property in receivership in April 2009 and appointed Gray & Associates as property manager.

Penobscot Bay Media notes in its lawsuit that there are many high ranking officials including members of the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate and the governor who visit the company’s offices.

But the building continues to be in need of significant repairs, the lawsuit notes. The majority of the exterior doors are broken and some doors are locked by chains and padlocks, which are fire and safety issues to the Penobscot Bay Media employees, the legal claim states. The ventilation system including air conditioning did not work in 2007, 2008 and the majority of 2009, which resulted in the company postponing or relocating planned meetings at its offices.

The roof leaked so extensively that mold grew in the ceiling, walls, carpets and floors. One employee filed a workers’ compensation claim in March based on an allergy to the problems created by the leaks.

After repeated requests by Penobscot Bay Media to make repairs, Gray initiated the eviction process against Penobscot Bay Media, the lawsuit states. Penobscot Bay Media stated in its lawsuit that this was in direct and obvious retaliation for its requests for repairs.

A judge is considering the company’s motion to halt the eviction.

On March 9 in U.S. District Court, Judge D. Brock Hornby approved a listing agreement for the former Knox Mill properties.