The MELMAC grant obtained by the Five Town Community School District two years ago funds programs in the schools to inspire and facilitate students’ postsecondary aspirations. The program was founded to ensure that each Camden Hills Regional High School graduate develops a plan for their years following graduation. It strives to eliminate any existing informational, cultural or financial barriers that would stand in the way of students working toward their goals.

As part of this program, Camden Hills holds an annual Aspirations Fair each spring, kicked off by a keynote speaker. The fair also features activities for students to explore careers, postsecondary education and training options, and to prepare them to enter the world as an independent young adult. This spring’s Aspirations Fair will take place at the high school on the morning of March 26. Faculty will facilitate the participation of all students that morning as they navigate through assigned activities.

Many community members and business people will take part in the fair this year. The West Bay Rotary Club has been involved in seeking participation from area professions. Thanks to the Rotarians’ work recruiting volunteers, high school students will have the opportunity to conduct informational interviews with community professionals at the fair. In addition to the “Community Career Exposition”, professionals from the fields of housing, transportation, banking and credit, and insurance will help students develop a sample monthly budget for life as a young adult.

The keynote address will be delivered by Ben Fisher, a 2004 Camden Hills graduate, who is flying up from New York City to take part in sharing his post-secondary journey with future graduates. Ben was one of the students invited because he followed his dream after graduating from high schooland entered the field of technology.

For further information on the Aspirations Fair, contact Karen Brace ( or Pam Pleas at 236-7800.

Careers to be represented at the 2010 Aspirations Fair include authors/writers, aviation, architecture, automotive repair, banking, boat builders/marine repair service, criminal justice, law enforcement and firefighting, education, energy, engineering financial services, foreign service, government service, healthcare, homebuilders, industrial and commercial builder, hospitality, insurance; jewelry designers/ manufacturers, legal. military service, nonprofits, photography, publishing, real estate, retail, skilled trades, social services and veterinary medicine.