Firefighters from Waldoboro, Friendship, Warren and Nobleboro extinguished a structure fire on Route 220 in Waldoboro the afternoon of March 9.

The fire caused severe damage to a mobile home behind another house on Route 220, near Mayo Road. Kevin Brewer owns the mobile home. His mother, Nancy Gorden, lives next to Brewer at 2018 Friendship Road. She said Brewer was soldering a radiator in a shed next to the mobile home. He went to answer the phone, and when he returned a fire had broken out, Gorden said. Gorden said the fire may have been fueled by a leaking propane tank.

Gorden said the kitchen and half the living room were destroyed. Firefighters helped Brewer by taking many of his belongings from the trailer and storing them in a nearby garage.

Waldoboro Fire Chief Paul Smeltzer said there was severe smoke damage to the living room and minor smoke damage in the rest of the house. He said the cause of the fire is under investigation. Fire crews cleared the scene at 4:45 p.m. There were no injuries.

The fire was reported just after 3 p.m. and 45 minutes later, smoke still rose over the structure but the flames had been extinguished.

At 8 p.m., Waldoboro firefighters were still at the station. They were there to talk to selectmen about the department and firefighting equipment. The chief praised his crew for their work five hours earlier.

“You don’t typically save a mobile home,” Smeltzer said.

Smeltzer said firefighters were able to save Brewer’s family photos, clothes and TV.

“He has almost all of his possessions because of these folks,” Smeltzer said.