The defense in the jury trial of a father and daughter charged in connection with a shooting and gun threat on Matinicus Island last summer will have its opportunity Wednesday morning, March 10 to present its case.

District Attorney Geoffrey Rushlau announced shortly before 4 p.m. on March 9, in the second day of the jury trial of 68-year-old Edwin Vance Bunker and his 45-year-old daughter Janan Miller, that he had completed the state’s case.

The defense can begin presenting witnesses Wednesday morning, March 10. Justice Jeffrey Hjelm said the jury should be able to begin its deliberations Thursday, March 11, after he issues instructions and the defense and prosecution present closing arguments to the jurors.

The final witness of the day March 9 was Knox County Sheriff’s Office Detective Sgt. Reginald Walker.

The detective sergeant interviewed Bunker after the shooting and later that day arrested him for elevated aggravated assault. A grand jury later indicted Bunker for two counts of elevated aggravated assault, criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon and reckless conduct. His daughter Miller was later charged with reckless conduct.

Both have said they are not guilty. Bunker is represented by attorney Philip Cohen of Waldoboro. Miller is represented by attorney William Avantaggio.

Walker acknowledged that he took possession of the shotgun and revolver involved in the incident July 20. He said he never touched the safety of the shotgun. The shotgun was displayed to jurors at the trial and the safety was on.

The shotgun had been wielded by Miller who came on the dock soon after her husband, Alan Miller, had complained to police that Christopher Young and his half-brother Weston Ames had chased him with their lobsterboats earlier in the day.

Bunker claimed he shot at Ames and then shot Young because he feared for his daughter, who was wrestling with Ames for the shotgun.

Knox County Deputy Donald Murray was aboard a Maine Marine Patrol boat just off Matinicus when the report came in of a shooting on Steamboat Wharf in Matinicus Harbor at about 10 a.m. Murray said when he arrived at the dock along with a Maine Marine Patrol officer he saw people standing over 42-year-old Young of Owls Head who had been shot on the left side of the neck.

Murray said he then saw Bunker and his sternman backing away at the land side of the wharf and he ordered them to stop. Bunker told Murray he felt he had no choice but to shoot to protect his daughter.

Ames testified earlier on March 9 and said that when Miller appeared with the shotgun he was not scared but angry. He said she pointed it toward him and he pushed the barrel away and she pointed it at his face again. He said he told her “you don’t need a gun; the law is here.”

Marine Patrol Officer Wesley Dean was aboard Miller’s lobsterboat, which had just arrived at the dock.

Ames said when Bunker appeared, Bunker fired a shot that Ames felt went right by his head.

“It almost knocked me off the dock,” he said, causing him to spin around. About one to two seconds later he heard the second shot and saw his half-brother fall to the dock.

Bunker did not say anything before or after the shooting, Ames said.