On March 7 around 9 a.m., Jessica Poole was walking her dogs on the state beach in Vinalhaven and the dogs came upon a seal just above the high tide line. Poole thought it was dead but when shooing her dogs away she saw the seal move.

She took her dogs home and called a few friends for help. When they arrived on the beach they couldn’t find the seal at first as it had traveled away toward the water, but the tide was going out. When they saw the seal it didn’t move at first so they sprinkled some water over it and it opened its mouth, enjoying the water. It was totally exhausted.

They rolled the seal onto a blanket and carried it down to the water’s edge. At first it just stayed there with its head under water so the rescuers aided it by holding its head until it was able to do so on its own. After lying in the water for 15 to 20 minutes the seal perked up. Eventually it swam around for a bit and then went out into the ocean.