A print by Vinalhaven eco-artist Aviva Rahmani has been chosen for presentation with the 2010 Climate Change Communicator of the Year awards by the Center for Climate Change Communication at Virginia’s George Mason University.

“A Beautiful View #1” is from Rahmani’s sugar-lift aquatint suite for “Gulf to Gulf,” her ongoing multimedia project that compares the effects of global warming on the Gulf of Maine and the Gulf of Mexico, with a focus on New Orleans.

Also known as lift-ground etching, sugar-lift aquatint involves painting the metal plate with a sugar solution, coating it with an acid-resistant varnish and, when dry, immersing it in warm water so the sugar mixture melts and lifts away part of the varnish. Then the plate is grained for texture using an aquatint method and dipped in acid; where the varnish has been lifted, the acid bites into the plate. Ink gathers in this etched area, creating a rich black tone on the paper.

Rahmani said her “Beautiful View” series is about slow time as we adapt to the consequences of climate change. The paradox she sees is in how the small, the fast and the vast co-exist.

“This is a visceral conflict. On the one hand, working on Gulf to Gulf virtually with scientists and others collapses time and space for me. On the other hand, I bear intimate witness to incremental sea level rise on the vulnerable island where I live,” she said.

For more information about Rahmani’s work, visit avivarahmani.com and ghostnets.com.

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