clouds and mist filled the air
I climbed up high where the heavens were fair
We settled into the peace of the sky
with no reference to earth the time passed by
The winds were so helpful it was really a pity
that we had to stop in Elizabeth City
Fuel was put on without a glitch
I got back in the plane with Kathrin and Rich
On the next leg conditions were not so nice
I was really concerned about picking up ice
At twenty one thousand we topped the weather
Juliet Kilo had it all altogether
Over New York and Boston we sailed along
our hearts were light like a happy song
Now it was time to start coming down
we saw the earth it was stark and brown
At Knox County airport the rabbit was blinking
it was nice to be home all were thinking
The end of a flight is always so sad
but everyone was grateful for the time we had
Florida to Maine in about six hours
I dream of Malabar and blooming flowers