Several local groups of young people pitched in this winter to make United Mid-Coast Charities’ Light-A-Luminary campaign a success, according to the organization. Although the economy was suffering, local citizens supported the annual UMCC effort, purchasing kits and lighting them on Christmas Eve around the area.

Camden Hills Regional High School students, through their National Honor Society chapter, play a leadership role every holiday season in the Light-A-Luminary effort, according to UMCC. This year senior Jessie Matthews took the reins to organize fellow students to help. Together they assembled nearly 1,000 luminary kits that were sold through retailers, restaurants and department stores. Rankin’s Hardware donated space in its Hope Warehouse where students gathered after school to assemble the kits prior to the holidays.

Camden-Rockport Middle School Student Council members joined forces with young Teen Center volunteers to help raise money for UMCC as well through assembly and sales of the kits. Middle schoolers used the opportunity to learn about some of the agencies supported by UMCC and the community services they provide.

Rusty Brace, UMCC president, thanked the students for their participation, as well as the street captains and retailers involved in distribution.

UMCC also thanked the entire community for making the holiday program a strong one, and cited the unity the kits demonstrate for those in need as they line residential streets and neighborhoods with holiday cheer.

UMCC is dedicated to the support of charities that provide social services and care to the most deserving, including medical, physical, social, psychiatric or community educational services. UMCC strives to locate charities that offer the greatest possible benefit to residents in and around the Midcoast. One hundred percent of all contributions are distributed. For more information, go to or call 207-236-2299.