Rockland firefighters rushed to the scene of a fire in a home at 258 Rankin St. at about 4:30 p.m. on March 3.

The home is owned by Michael Faller. He said he lives at the home with his four children. No one was injured, according to Assistant Fire Chief Adam Miceli.

The fire started accidentally with a candle in a first floor bedroom. Two children were home at the time of the fire, according to Miceli. The fire set off smoke detectors throughout the house that alerted the oldest daughter, who called 911 and tried briefly to put the fire out with a pan of water.

She then got her brother and two pet dogs out of the house.

Two pet parakeets may have been lost in the fire, according to Faller.

The fire caused heavy interior damage to the first floor bedroom and smoke damage to the first floor.

Miceli said the daughter closed the bedroom door before leaving the house and that move saved the home. He said the room had energy efficient windows and when the door was closed, the fire was contained in one room without enough oxygen to burn quickly.

That gave the fire department a few minutes to get to the scene and put the fire out. Miceli said that if the fire had burned another few minutes, one of the windows would have broken and oxygen would have fed the flames.

“In two or three more minutes, it would have been a whole different ball game,” he said.

The fire department recommends that people do not try to fight fires themselves. Get out safely and call for help, the assistant chief said.