Washington will hold a public hearing Wednesday, March 3 to consider comments and questions on the proposed revision of the Town of Washington Land Use Ordinance. The hearing will begin at 7 p.m. in the Bryant Room of the Gibbs Library.

Selectmen will convene at 6 p.m. prior to the hearing for a regularly scheduled meeting.

Copies of the proposed revised ordinance and the current version showing strikeouts and changes are available at the town’s Web site (see below for link) and at the town office.

The ordinance changes reflect a three-year process during which the town has worked to take its original 1988 land use ordinance, along with amendments made over the ensuing decades, and reshape it into a comprehensive overhaul.

“We felt it was time to revise the ordinance,” said Washington Selectman Don Grinnell, who added that since 1988, the state’s environmental and planning rules, regulations and guidelines have also evolved.

Last June, ordinance changes went before the town at referendum and failed by three votes. After that, the town’s land use committee met with the planning board and appeals board, both of which made additional comments and suggestions on the document.

The Wednesday, March 3 hearing will solicit additional public comments on the draft changes, and a final draft of the proposed land use ordinance will then be readied for another public hearing scheduled for March 15.

Voting for the proposed revisions will be by referendum question during municipal elections on March 26.