A Union fuel company that failed to answer a lawsuit filed by the state two years ago must now pay the price.

Superior Court Justice Jeffrey Hjelm has ordered Butler, Maxcy & Heath Inc. of Union to pay $451,700 in penalties for failing to file required environmental paperwork over the past six years.

The judge noted in his order, dated March 2, that state law mandates a $100 per day penalty for every day of the violation. There were two sets of reports the company failed to file.

The lawsuit was filed in April 2008 and the company defaulted on the lawsuit in June 2008 for failing to file the proper responses in court. A hearing was held this year on Feb. 23 on a request by the state for a judgment on the default.

The company had no comment March 3, saying it was a matter between the state and the company.

Then Attorney General Steven Rowe filed the lawsuit against Butler, Maxcy & Heath Inc. in April 2008, claiming that the firm violated both the emergency planning and community right to know law. The company was required to file annually a chemical inventory reporting form and a material safety data sheet with the Knox County Local Emergency Preparedness Committee, the state Emergency Response Commission, and the Union Fire Department, but it had not done so since 2004.

A combined total of 4,157 days of violations were determined to have occurred for the two reports. At $100 a day, the penalty totaled the $451,700.

The company maintains a bulk fuel facility at 77 Depot St. in Union with a total of 130,000 gallons of fuel oil, 65,000 gallons of kerosene and 60,500 pounds of propane when all the tanks are filled, according to the state’s lawsuit.

As part of the judgment, the company is ordered to file the necessary reports with the state, county and town organizations.