Surprise, surprise. Just when it appeared the top two teams in the regular season might make their way to the championship game, the No. 3 and 4 teams came along and spoiled the party.

No. 4 Stonescape and No. 3 Wiscasset will vie for the First Baptist Church of Waldoboro Men’s Basketball League title on Monday, March 8 at 6:30 p.m. in the church gymnasium.

That scenario played out Monday night as No. 4 Stonescape (9-3) bested No. 1 Mid-Knight Auto (10-2) 69-65 and No. 3 Wiscasset (10-2) outlasted No. 2 Miles Memorial Hospital (9-3) 69-53.

Those results set up the March 8 championship game in the single-elimination playoff tournament. The league banquet is Tuesday, March 9 at 6:30 p.m. at the church.

On Monday, Wiscasset beat Miles Memorial 69-53, as Conrad Griffin poured in 25 points; Chris Haven, 14; Jason Dighton, nine; Matt Hinkley and Chris Hersom, both eight; Ben Martzell, three; and Joey Gallant, two. Wiscasset made three 3-pointers and 14-of-15 free throws (93 percent).

Haven and Dighton both corralled nine rebounds and Griffin hauled in seven.

For Miles Memorial, Ben Teel scored 19 points; Derec Verney and Chris Howell, both 13; Jake Oliver, five; Chris Carter, two; and Ryan McNelly, one. Miles hit seven 3-pointers, including three each from Teel and Verney, and made 7-of-15 foul shots (47 percent).

Howell grabbed six rebounds and McNelly five.

Wiscasset led 36-25 after the first of two 20-minute halves.

Stonescape beat Mid-Knight Auto 69-65, as Mke Geisler netted 31 points; Kurt Snyder, 11; Dante Ravelli, 10; Brad Scott and Monte Haynes, both five; Blake Nichols, four; and Chris Fernald, three. Stonescape iced 21-of-27 free throws (78 percent), led by Geisler’s 11-of-13 effort. Snyder secured five rebounds, Geisler four and Scott three.

For Mid-Knight, which had to play without standout Lyle Faulkingham after he was injured in the first half, Dale Landrith tallied 18 points; Benji Blake, 15; Eric Carlsen, 14; Jeff Woodman, 10; Andrew Rogers, six; and Chris Gamage, two. The team made six 3-pointers, four coming from Blake, and 9-of-17 free throws (53 percent). Landrith ripped down 11 rebounds.

Stonescape led 31-25 at halftime.

In playoff action Feb. 22, No. 1 Mid-Knight Auto beat No. 9 Friendship (4-8) 72-34 and No. 2 Miles Memorial bested No. 7 First Baptist Church of Waldoboro (4-8) 90-36.

In playoff action Feb. 23, No. 3 Wiscasset beat No. 6 Boothbay Yacht (6-6) 72-51 and No. 4 Stonescape outlasted No. 5 Curtis Construction (6-5) 51-43.

In earlier prelim playoffs, No. 6 Boothbay Yacht defeated No. 11 Roadhouse (1-10) 57-54, No. 7 Waldoboro First Baptist Church topped No. 10 Midcoast Masonary (2-9) 66-52 and No. 9 Friendship beat No. 8 Mr. Tire (3-8) 50-31.

The final individual regular-season statistical leaders were: 1, Mike Geisler, Stonescape, six games, 146 points, 24.3 average, 7.6-rebound average; 2, Chris Howell, Miles Memorial, 10 games, 217 points, 21.7 average, 9.2-rebound average; 3, Matt Goode, Midcoast Masonary, six games, 123 points, 20.5 average, 5.1-rebound average; 4, Conrad Griffin, Wiscasset, six games, 110 points, 18.3 average, 4.1-rebound average; 5, Dale Landrith, Mid-Knight, eight games, 133 points, 16.6 average, 11.1-rebound average; 6, Steven Benner, Roadhouse, nine games 138 points, 15.3 average, 5-rebound average; 7, Jeff Woodman, Mid-Knight, eight games, 120 points, 15 average, 2.6-rebound average; 8, Isaac Bruno, WFBC, nine games, 133 points, 14.8 average, 2.2-rebound average; 9, Mike Leighton, Stonescape, six games, 87 points, 14.5 average, 7.2-rebound average; 10, Deric Verney, Miles, 10 games, 142 points, 14.2 average, 2.4-rebound average; 11, Chris Haven, Wiscasset, eight games, 111 points, 13.9 average, 4.4-rebound average; 12, Lyle Faulkingham, Mid-Knight, 10 games, 138 point, 13.8 average, 6.5 rebound average; 13, Sam Lash, Friendship, nine games, 118 points, 13.1 average, 2.4-rebound average; 14, Kurt Snyder, Stonescape, 10 games games, 124 points, 12.4 average, 4.3-rebound average; 15, Matt Lash, Curtis Construction, 7 games, 87 points, 12.4 average, 4.4-rebound average; 16, Ben Teal, Miles, six games, 66 points, 11 average, 1-rebound average; 17, Ryan Feener, Boothbay Yacht, nine games, 93 points, 10.3 average, 1.6-rebound average; 18, Jeremy Reynolds, Roadhouse, eight games, 82 points, 10.3 average, 3.4-rebound average; 19, Chris Hersom, Wiscasset, nine games, 92 points, 10.2 average, 3.4-rebound average; 20, Mike Gamage, Midcoast Masonary, 10 games, 98 points, 9.8 average, 8.3-rebound average; 21, Brandon Staples, Roadhouse, nine games, 88 points, 9.7 average, 4.1-rebound average; 22, Roger Porter, Mr. Tire, nine games, 86 points, 9.6 average, 5.0-rebound average; 23, Brent Curtis, Curtis Construction, 10 games, 93 points, 9.3 average, 4.3-rebound average; 24, Mike Boetsch, Friendship, six games, 56 points, 9.3 average, 5.8-rebound average; and 25, Justin Widdecomb, Boothbay Yacht, 10 games, 90 points, 9.0 average, 9.2-rebound average.

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