The Rockport Select Board will meet Wednesday, March 3 at 3:30 p.m. for two purposes: to enter executive session for an annual evaluation of the town manager, and to then reconvene in open session to discuss the town’s pending budget, including three different expenditure-trimming scenarios.

The board will also discuss provider agency recommendations and the tax bill mailing to property owners.

The meeting will be held in the Richardson Room at the Rockport Town Office.

In January, the board directed Rockport Town Manager Robert Peabody to create three separate budgets for 2010-2011, one showing no increase, one representing a 10 percent reduction in costs and one representing a 20 percent reduction.

Department heads had already been asked to submit figures with as close to no increase from this year as possible.

At the Jan. 11 Select Board meeting, some board members suggested building a budget that takes any education-related expenses into account to ensure that overall, between municipal, school and county expenses, there is no increase to taxpayers.

The three budgets were produced last week, with department heads submitting proposed cuts that resulted in a municipal budget with gross appropriations of $3.9 million, $3.7 million, $3.4 million and $3.1 million.

A line included said simply: “Important note: Reductions of 0 percent, 10 percent and 20 percent could have serious and adverse effects on services provided.”

To reach the Select Board’s target, suggested cuts might include:

Shutting down the town office for two to four weeks

Eliminating employee training programs, the June cookout, the Christmas lunch

Seeking legal advice on an emergency basis

Reducing hours of town office staff

No staff mileage reimbursement, no travel for training or meetings

Limited office supplies

Less office cleaning

Loss of a police officer position

Reduction of the fire chief’s position to part time

Reduction in harbormaster staff and time

No portable toilets rented

Staff to mow lawns

Reduction in public works staff

Closing of library for two to four weeks

Reduction in library staff

Discontinue drinking and hose water access in recreation parks and fields

Decrease mowing of recreation fields

Defer Rockport Opera House maintenance

For the full budget scenario, click on the link below.




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