The results are in for the first Hope Elementary School Measurement Olympics, and Team Russia took home the gold, Team Ireland won the silver and Team Saudi Arabia won the bronze.

During the week of Feb. 22 to Feb. 26, teams made up of sixth, seventh and eighth graders worked together in an effort to win the gold. Each group went through four days of measurement events and one day of country statistics.

Each activity was timed and results were submitted to the Olympic officials. Points were then awarded and recorded for the activities. Groups were awarded points on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being given for the exact answer or measurement. An actual curling stone was brought in for one of the activities, which was to see how close the students could come to guessing the weight of the stone. In another competition students had to guess how many gallons of water it takes to create an ice hockey rink.

Math teacher Barb Williams said that at the beginning of the week everyone was a bit off on their measurements, but by Feb. 26 the students were getting closer to having the right answers.

On the last day of the Measurement Olympics the whole school was involved in the fun. Students in each class had to lie down head to toe on the gym floor and then see which class was the longest.

The members of the teams were as follows:

Team Russia: Tristan Fong, Bailey Hilt, Henry Laurita, Sammi Campbell and Logan Ribar.

Team Ireland: Ben Pearse, Ella Scott, Ashley Gunn, Isaiah Backiel, Tom Kunn and Jacob Smith.

Team Saudi Arabia: Sam Berry, Thomas Peabody, Matt Young, Christelle Madagmit, Caitlin Agnor and Jessica Williams.