On Feb. 3, seven adult students graduated from the Knox County WorkReady program offered at RSU 13 Adult and Community Education. The WorkReady program is a 60-hour work readiness program focused on teaching the soft skills necessary to get and keep employment.

The countywide program was funded with money from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, and was awarded through Goodwill Workforce Solutions and Coastal County Workforce Inc. The WorkReady session was a collaboration of adult education programs from RSU 13, SAD 40, Five Towns and Mid-Coast School of Technology.

The session was designed to increase involvement from businesses in the Greater Waldoboro area in an effort to give participants a wider range of employment options. Employer representatives involved in WorkReady mock interviews included Suzanne Hall from SAD 40, Stephanie Bartlett from Slim Goodbody Productions, Taction, Jojoba Company, All 4U Staffing, Ferriolo Construction and nurse Brenda Barrett.

Two of the seven participants secured employment prior to the end of the three-week program and one found employment directly after the program ended.

Cynthia Rainfrette Barlow served as the facilitator for the course.

“This was a great group of individuals to work with, and very rewarding to see students receive a WorkReady credential,” Barlow said in a news release. “They leave this intensive three-week program with a restored sense of optimism, hard skills to tackle a tough employment landscape and a network of support to help them on their way.”

The WorkReady curriculum help participants with personal motivations and challenges to employment, effective communication and interpersonal skills, understanding taxes and benefits, job searching, and resume and portfolio preparation. The program prepares adults for the rigors of sustained employment.

Participants were able to engage in a minimum of three mock interviews with local employers and received feedback about their responses to questions, overall demeanor and presentation of resume.

“Employer involvement is the cornerstone to the success of any WorkReady program,” said Shannon M. Parker, director of RSU 13 Adult and Community Education. “Students have a chance to demystify the interview process and learn about employment opportunities in their field.”

To register for the program, contact Parker at 594-9764 or sparker@rsu13.org. For more information on WorkReady throughout Maine, visit workreadyforme.com.