“A Group of Four,” an intriguing show that features paintings, sculpture, photography and pottery by all four members of Jefferson’s Devenney family, will open Wednesday, March 3 and run through the 27th at Tidemark Gallery, 902 Main St./Route 220.

About her latest body of work, Nina Devenney, the youngest of the “four,” said that after being diagnosed with Lyme disease at the start of 2009, she experienced a slow healing process for the duration of the year that led her to thoughts concerning health and the mysterious connections that link the human body to the external natural world that we inhabit and call home.

“I began to think of my body as a habitat, a home all on its own. I found it ironic and beautiful that the internal place I live is filled with elegance that mimics my external environment. I realized the composition of my very self is a sheer reflection of the beauty I see outside,” she said.

Joe, Mary and daughters Angela and Nina Devenney seem to share the special ability of seeing things that others overlook. Working within their respective media, the Devenneys strip away the obvious to expose the unseen, creating thought provoking works of intensity, movement, shape and wonder.

Tidemark Gallery also regularly features work by Audrey Bechler, John Blamey, Ralph Bush, Pam Cabanas, Ardy Greatorex, Holly-Marie Haining, Gregory Holmes, JoEl Pottery, Emy Kanewske, Ann Makuck, Anne Wooster Metcalfe, Mary Lavendier Myers, Louise Price, Kariska Puchalski, Patience Sampson, Joyce Eames Steel and Carol Wiley. Hours until Memorial Day are Wednesdays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and by appointment.

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