Neil Lash’s basic science class at Medomak Valley High School recently completed its unit on the environment by building nine birdhouses that are now on sale.

The profits from the sale of the birdhouses will help send Medomak Valley students to the Special Olympics. The birdhouses cost $45 and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. To purchase a birdhouse, call the high school at 832-5389 or e-mail Lash at

The birdhouses are designed to fit on a pole. They are highly ornamental but can be made functional for years to come by making a cut-out in the back. The window designs came from patterns of stained glass windows of European Gothic cathedrals, which the students researched. Lash designed the houses and modeled them after a church in Gloucester Village, Maine. In past years the class has made bluebird boxes, bird feeders, and other upscale dwellings for the most sophisticated birds.