A young gentleman randomly selected from the customers on the floor of Farmers Fare chose Coastal Children’s Museum as the recipient of the first Farmers Fare Pay-it-forward donation of $500. The amount was accrued from the generosity of all those who “fed the cow” since Farmers Fare opened a few short months ago.

Alex Uhll from Farmers Fare contacted Felicity Bowditch of the Coastal Children’s Museum to let her know the good news. Bowditch was thrilled to hear about the donation and almost jumped through the phone with glee, according to Farmers Fare. Bowditch said she has never been so surprised in her life, and the money is truly needed and very appreciated.

Farmers Fare thanked all the community-minded people who have helped it Pay-it-forward; without their generosity this gesture would not have been possible, Farmers Fare said.

At Farmers Fare, ice cream (actually gelato) is free. If a customer has a buck, he can feed the cow and pay $1 a serving or more if he wants. The buck does not stop there: contributions let Farmers Fare buy more locally made gelato from Gelato Fiasco in Brunswick, which uses some ingredients sourced from Farmers Fare, and all the leftover money goes to local charitable organizations.

On a regular basis, Farmers Fare will choose recipients for its future Pay-it-forward donations by drawing a slip from the bucket hanging by the gelato cooler, which contains the suggested names written down by customers.